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TV, Music & Reading

What is your favorite TV program?

I like the mystery drama. So watch the csi. and I like fantasy drama. I like FRIENDS drama
CSI 14, CSI Las Vegas 14, 4/14(월) 밤 11시 11화, 20140414

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

I am interested in fashion, design, interiors. so I read that magazines
Enrique Peña Nieto aparece en Time Magazine

Which game show do you like the best?

I like The Voice. I love to listen to music and loves to sing
Sisaundra Lewis: "New York State of Mind" (The Voice Highlight)

what commercials do you like and hate the most

We like smasung tv advertisement. Because the video is very creative.

we hate g2 event video. beacuse the video is very Violent

삼성 3D TV 해외광고
흔한 LG의 외국 이벤트 '스케일' - LG G2 Event

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