"The Thief" by Megan Turner

Project by Leah Stonely

Character Analysis

The main character of this story's name is Gen. He is a thief in a jail, but with the help from the Magus, he leaves the king's prison to do a special task. Gen was in the kings prison for a long time it seems.

The Plot

Exposition: Gen didn't know how long he had been in the king's prison. He was starting to explain how his prison cell looked. He then found out that he was going to travel with the magus.

Rising Action: As he woke up that morning, he was being taken away by two guards, getting him ready to travel. Gen thought that the traveling that the magus told him about would take some time.

Climax: Gen is traveling with the magus and encounters some very interesting task to do.

Falling Action: Everything starts to change a bit. They finish their trip and Gen goes back to the king's prison.

Resolution: Gen ends up meeting the queen and is very thankful.


The setting on this story is in a prison, a town, and a secret building located in the town.

The Author

The author of this story, The Thief, is Megan Turner. She has won a Newbery Honor Award (the Newbery Award went to this book, The Thief). This is the first book in a series. She was born in 1965.


The book, The Thief, is about a boy named Gen who was in the king's prison but is taken out with the help from the magus. The magus needs Gen to get something for him because Gen is a thief. They traveled for a very long time for a seemingly impossible task--to steal a hidden treasure. This hidden treasure was located in another land.

As they travel they encounter some interesting tasks. When Gen finally gets the treasure he is able to meet the queen. The queen thanked him and Gen was satisfied.