Welcome to Beecher Prep.


Beecher Prep.

Our school provides a great education for your children. There are so many opportunities. There are a lot of fun activities to do and events to attend. Lets explore

Places to visit

Science Lab

This is where you will do a bunch of fun science experiments.

Computer Room

This is where almost all of our students research is done. These computers are very useful for a lot of things from printing out papers to presentations.

Music Room

this is the place where students learn how to play and perform instruments.

Performance Space

This is where assemblies, shows, and performances will take place


The library has the most recent books, and this is the best place to study because it is so quiet and peaceful.

Good Teachers and staff

  • Mr. Tushman
  • Ms. Petosa
  • Mr. Browne
  • Mrs.Garcia

People to avoid

  • Julian Albans
  • Henry Joplin
  • Miles Noury
  • Amos Conti

Some things to be prepared for

  • Bullying
  • Roomers
  • Blank stares
  • Gossip

People to be friends with

  • Charlotte Cody
  • Jack Will
  • Summer Dawson
  • Reid Kingsley

Book tailor

Wonder book trailer - R.J. Palacio (UK version)