Phys. And Chem. Properties, changes

By Ryan B period 6

Physical Property

Definition: A physical property is a substance that can be observed without altering it.

3 examples of Physical properties are color,shape and mass.

Paper is a physical property, it has color,shape and mass.

Chemical Property

Definition:Observing two chemical substances interacting with each other.

The three chemical properties are flammability, combustion and toxicity.

Burning a match is an example of flammability.

Physical Change

Definition:Altering a a physical object, but does not change the substance.

Three examples of a physical change would be bending copper, molding clay, and tearing paper.

Chopping wood is an example of a physical change.

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Chemical Change

Definition:A change in matter that produces new substances.

3 examples on chemical change are burning wood, milk souring and metal rusting.

The 5 indicators in chemical change are:1:permanent color change 2:formation of precipitate 3:production of a gas 4:formation of light 5:temperature change.

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