People of Perseverance

Article by Jessica Ho

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is being able to overcome an obstacle. The obstacle can be physical or mental, but it causes a challenge in a person's life. He or she must be able to find a way to transcend and jump over the obstacle. It takes determination to be able to do it. You can not give up in order to persevere. In this article People of Perseverance, we will showcase people who have shown perseverance throughout their life. The people who will be featured in the People of Perseverance are Kerri Strug and Kate Foster, Derek Redmond, and Adeline from "Chinese Cinderella". They have all had an obstacle and were not afraid of giving up.

Kerri Strug and Kate Foster "Compare and Contrast"

Kerri Strug and Kate Foster were both gymnasts. They both have a type of leg injury which caused them to have a harder time doing gymnastics. Kerri Strug was featured in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Kerri was doing the vault event in gymnastics, but she injured her ankle in one run. She was not able to stick the landing that time. Kerri was limping after she tried to walk back to her seat. However, on the second time Kerri wasn't able to run very well but had successfully made a very secure landing. Many people look up to her today. Kate Foster was another gymnast that had an obstacle. She had suffered from leukemia but was able to fight through the disease. While having leukemia, Kate had to make a decision whether she wanted to lose a leg or lose her life. It took her lots of thinking, but she decided to loser her leg. Now, Kate uses a prosthetic leg and is able to perform gymnastics just as well as anyone who has two legs.

Derek Redmond "Chronological/Sequence"

Derek Redmond was a track runner in the 1992 Summer Olympics. First, he had went to get ready for his 400-meter sprint. He had represented Great Britain in the race. Next, he started running and running as the race began. Derek was in the lead out of the other runners. Then, he started to feel a sharp pain go up his leg. He realized he had injured his knee. Derek was determined to finish the race despite himself limping and struggling to go forward. After that, his father came out of the audience bleachers and helped him finish the race. Lastly, before reaching the finish line, he was able to finish the last few meters himself. Derek had persevered in that race and received many standing ovations.

Adeline "Cause and Effect"

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