Super Cool Star Wars

Impress your friends: tell them what you learned!

By Alexander Roberts

Hello, all you Star Wars lovers! A lot of people like Star Wars, but few actually know about the production and the companies who helped start it. Have you ever wondered about that, or what companies this thrilling series made? If so, read on to find the answers.

Awesome Animation

Here’s a head start as far as animation goes. Yoda started in the older chronicles (4, 5, and 6) as a puppet. In the first three, however, the old Jedi is animation, though he was a puppet in a few parts of episode 1. Chewbacca from the older episodes was a man in a suit. On Kashyyk, however, the wookies where animation. The Clone Troopers in the first three episodes are animation. Their stormtrooper brothers in the last three episodes were people in suits. Those are some tips on animation.

Pretty Cool People

There are many interesting people that played large roles in making the Star Wars movies. The creator was George Lucas. The person who played Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) asked to use a purple lightsaber. One man, Jon Dykstra, took a part in the Star Wars movies and ended up with an award for it, as says Geoffrey M. Horn in his book Movie stunts and Special effects: “VFX wizard Jon Dykstra holds the Oscar he won for Star Wars.” As you can see, there are many interesting people in the Star Wars series.

Incredible ILM

Here is where you learn about, well, the company called ILM. George Lucas formed that company. ILM was the company that created the special effects for the Star Wars movies. Many of the people from ILM went on to become professionals. Hope you learned a lot about ILM!

In Conclusion...

I hope you learned a lot! We talked about the amazing animations of Star Wars. We also talked about the pretty cool people. Don’t forget when we discussed the Incredible ILM company! I hope you enjoyed my article, and thanks for reading it!


Movie Stunts and Special Effects by Geoffrey M. Horn