Pre Primary Parents


  • Please encourage your child to put on his/her coat independently as well as his/her shoes and boots. We have been working on this at school to foster independence in the class as well as making the transitions less hectic. We do the jacket flip at school and will show you if you are unfamiliar with this method.

  • The shoes they come to school in should be easy for them to put on and take off as we really encourage independence.

  • We also have been working on proper hand washing, please help your child with the proper technique.

  • As the weather gets cooler please remember to label everything that comes in. We prefer mittens instead of gloves as these again can be done independently and it makes the children proud. They can have some sort of grips on them if you prefer. When the temperatures get colder please send in winter waterproof mittens, this will help keep the children's hands warm when they get wet.

  • Most of you have sent in boots for your child to wear outside, thank you. We still have a few children who do not have outside boots, please send them in at your earliest convenience.

Ms. Janell and Ms. Justin