Neha Gupta ,18

Activist (orphans)

Neha gupta

She, helps orphans when she visited her parents in India and saw the conditions that the homeless kid lived in she was really touched.When she went back home thinking on how to help the orphans. So she decided to sell her toy in a yard sale which turned out to be very successful. Raising 700 U.S$ but she didn't stop there.

She continued...

She the started selling crafts door to door in her dads SUV and nine years later she is a 18 years old college student and runs Empower orphans a global charity that has raised up to 1.3 million dollars. She was awarded the children peace prize.

What Empower orphans is all about...

The company does is that it reaches US abroad, helping building class rooms , buy books, equip computer labs and pay for health exam also supply water and buy sewing machines to empower other young woman to star their own company.