Anaheim, The Perfect Place to Live

Why Choose Anaheim?

Doesn't the sound of the sea breeze flowing through your hair as you ride down a back road with your old 1959 Cadillac Convertible, listening to some catchy song on the radio, sound perfect? You have to have an open mind about the beautiful city in California. The weather is beautiful for people who like the warm sun beating down on them, and the rain is not that bad when you have indoor activities all around you. Like indoor put put and the restaurants that make your taste buds dance around in joy. You have a bunch of chain restaurants of course but you also have the local restaurants like Baci di Firenze Trattoria a five star Italian restaurant and Ariels Grotto which is sea food and great for the kids! They can see all their favorite Disney characters while eating a delicious meal. The housing should not be an issue either due to the wonderful choices of small starting out houses. They start from 50,000, if you want to start off in a housing neighborhood and going up to 1 million if you have the money. The best place is probably spending up to 350,000 for a 3 bedroom house and 2 full baths. The mortgage is 7 grand a month and with someone who has no debt it would be perfect. It has a two car garage big enough to fit two trucks and has a little side part to store any thing, like a boat, another car, a trailer, anything you can think of. With the beautiful weather baseball parks are perfect for a date or down to the hockey rink to cheer on the famous Ducks. They have a beautiful country club with a gorgeous 18 hole golf course. When the family starts getting bigger the next best thing is Disney Land! It's basically in the middle of Anaheim, how great is that? The transportation is endless. You have buses that will have you take some time looking at the scenes around you, driving your own car or truck just to make sure everything goes well and on time, and even the trolley for looking around the large cultural city.

Stuff to Do?

Anaheim has wonderful things to do for all types of people. The trendy bars and night life for people to mingle and have a good time. Annual festivals and events, the total opposite of the night life, you can have a good relaxing day enjoying new foods, cultures, and traditions of many others! The trips you can take from Anaheim are endless! Within an hour you can reach deserts, mountains, wine tasting, or catch that extraordinary gimps of the Hollywood sign. The Orange county beaches are full of family fun, board walks, and the cool California breeze. The sports here are brilliant! The teams are amazing! The Ducks are number 1 in the Pacific division and have a record of 15-5-1. Who wouldn't want to check this place out?