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All about Elizabeth


Today wasn’t the best of days I was crucially rejected and put down by a man named Mr. Darcy. He is the rudest, hurtful, and disagreeable man I’ve meet.

Today my cousin wrote a letter in the mail. The letter wrote that he was coming to visit. He also is to inherit all of my father’s estate when he dies. This news was the most disturbing.

Today I began to wonder of Mr. Darcy. I thought of him all day. I wondered over and over of why Mr. Darcy attains such pride. Such an arrogant man he is never could I love such a man.

Today a letter came in the mail. It was an invitation addressed to Jane from her arrival to come to Netherfeild. Oh how happy were my sisters and I. Until Mother had to impose her ideology that Jane ride horse back to Netherfield through another one of mothers marital screams.

Today we received news that Jane had become very ill. It looks like mother’s plans worked in her favor. She’s always being too controlling in our lives. I wish she wouldn’t be.

Today I walked all the way to Netherfield to care for my sister. I know it’s a bit unethical. I’m no commoner. My stay shall be interesting.

Today Cousin Collins arrived and has already over stayed his welcome. At dinner he’s conversations were a tad bit awkward. He is up to no good I’m sure of it.

Today Mr. Collins made note of what I would record as the worst proposal in history. So pathetic a man must be to kneel to a woman for marriage without loving her. How pitiful of a man.

Today my sisters and I would through town. We passed several soldiers but one in particular caught the eyes of our group. His name was Mr. Wickham. He was a very tall, handsome, well-mannered young man. I wonder if I’ll see him again.

Today I spoke to the soldier Mr. Wickham it was a rather deep but formal conversation. We spoke of Mr. Darcy who he surprisingly knew. Sharing that Mr. Darcy was a cruel and an unjust man to him. I am discussed in the things I have heard. That gave more reason to dislike him all the more.



The love one has is sincerely true.

For the love which resides within the heart is true for you.

One sees through that eye which sees the world with all its truths and life with all its lies.

But even still you’ll only know half of the story seeking a lost love but not its glory.

One is amazingly taken by the upbeat disposition of your countenance that has rather caught my attention.

One’s love is no longer hidden.

Now that I’ve shared the deepest most thought I hope you know I love-

I love, I love you a lot


To give my heart to the

Recompense my love

That is all one can ask

A kiss so sweet shall wake me from slumber

Moments spent shall I treasure forever

To whom will you love ever so deeply?

Passion deep within

Internal love-


Held so common, yet, spoken in vain

To grow from love, who grew, now grown

Shall we stay true?

Until the end of days

Tender, Sweet, Kind my darling

Searched for-

Most never find

Come unto me and I shall show you

Endless affection

Hurt you, never can I

I pray you learn to love me alike

And our love shall never subside-

Here I am.


Yea I believe that the Novel Pride and Prejudice is an excellent story. It shares morals of how to get well acquainted with someone you first have to have an open mind and allowing yourself to see others for who they truly are. Jane Austen is sharing the ideas of acceptance, happiness, insight of pride, and insight of prejudice. The novel teaches us to first get to know others for yourself before passing judgment. Then you’ll know the true ways of their heart. And soon after that, then comes love. The book expresses peoples desires for love, those who abuse love, and those who use love in vain. I believe it’s a great read, however it does take time. The English is great and really informative. It has good examples of what love and gold-digging looks like. It shared the idea of what life was like in that era. The way women and men interacted and the morality of their time. I think Pride and Prejudice is a great story and is a teachable story of all to read.