Erosion Problem Project

Ivy Nguyen, Ashley Dukellis, Daniela Kerr

Laguna Beach, California, Western Region

  • bigger surf will keep tearing at the land and over time it is eating up the sand and cliffs

    ^physical weathering

  • homes are endangered because there are many ocean front homes that will get eaten alive

  • stop building homes right on the cliffs

  • bring in more sand

  • 5- 10 million dollars to add sand

  • physical weathering from the waves

  • property damage ( water & wind)

  • man made walls to protect beaches

  • salty air destroys structure

  • ^ chemical weathering
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Cocoa Beach, Florida, South Eastern Region

  • october 2012 hurricane sandy caused high winds and seas that damaged cocoa beach

  • hurricanes tearing apart land

  • waves crashing and high wind

  • tearing beaches apart and making dangers for homes, thats why we are concerned

  • we should give 1 million cubic yards of sand and cost about 17 million dollars

  • this will prevent further erosion because then the ocean will be taking the sand (not houses) and we will keep replenishing the sand so there is enough sand for the ocean to eat
  • Allcof this is physical weathering
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