My 8-Day Road Trip Through Texas

My journey thought cities in Texas

My Texas Trip

I travel thought Texas. I will go thought some of the major and not so major cities of Texas. I shall go from Galveston to El Paso and learn about its culture and city (I forced to so I can get an A in America in my class in France).


The Journey Begins

I have arrived to the city called Galveston from a ship from France (I throw up like 10 times on the way). When I got to shore, it was cold and a taxi pick me up and took me to my tour bus with some of my classmates. We ate lunch (foreign food called pizza which tastes delelious) and went to the Galveston Symphony Orchestra. According to American history, the Galveston Symphony Orchestra is an ensemble of amateur which was built by professional musicians formed in 1979 under the direction of Richard W. Pickar, a or the musical director-conductor of something. The Galveston Ballet in, well Galveston, is a regional pre-professional ballet company and academy serving only the city or country of Galveston. The company does one full-length classical ballet in the spring of each year and one mixed repertory program in the fall which both are seen at the Grand 1894 Opera House. This is an important building because the ballet company use it for shows and because it is one of the oldest opera house in Galveston. The inside was amazing and beautiful (pic at the end of entry). Here is a clip from the show I recorded by accident.
Galveston Ballet 1894 Opera House Storm Scene -La Fille Mal Gardee'

Bishop's Palace

After the amazing ballet show (it reminds me of The Amazing Spider-Man and his next sequels and spin-offs) we went to Bishop's Palace, some people call it Gresham's Castle which was built between 1887 and 1893. It now serves the residence for Bishop Christopher E. Byrne. They call it Bishop's Palace because it is owned by Bishop and it looks like a palace. This is an important site because it is one go the oldest houses in Galveston.

Galveston Island State Park

After visiting the Palace, we went to the Galveston Island State Park. The Galveston Island State Park is a Texas state park located on western Galveston in Galveston Country, on the western Gulf Coast in Texas. The park had a tropical storm Frances that destroy the sand dunes on September 10, 1998. The dunes provide the only protection the park had for its freshwater habitats and visitor facilities. A project was been made to restored the dunes through the use of recycled Christmas trees to trap and accumulate sand (poor Christmas for Texans, they don't use Christmas trees). With this project, it will help the dunes a lot.


All set sail to Space City

After out dinner in Galveston Island State Park, we slept in the bus for the night and make it to the Space City (that what some people there called it). In the morning, I ate American bacon and eggs. I talked to some of my classmates before we got to Houston, Texas.

The International Space Station and Space City

Houston received the nickname of "Space City" in 1967 because it is home to NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and when Neil Armstrong said "Houston, the Eagle has landed."

Speaking of NASA, we went to the Space Center. We saw the Mercury 9 capsule, the Gemini 5 capsule, the Apollo 17 command module, the Lunar Rover Vehicle trainer, the Skylab trainer mock-up, the Lunar Module Test Article 8, and the Saturn V. We went into the Northrop Grumman Theater, a large format theater where we watched "To Be An Astronaut". We took a tour of the station which goes to Building 30 North and South (old and new Mission Control Centers), Building 9 (the Space Vehicle Facility), and a Rocket Park with a restored Saturn V. We also took a look at a lab called the Neutral Buoyancy Lab. After the tour we went to several Starship Gallery houses which have space artifacts like Moon rocks, space capsules, and a full-scale Skylab mockup. They also have a playground for kids but we are 7th graders so we didn't go (the HORROR!!!!!). We learned about the history of the station, we saw artifacts, and saw some (I think) of the Center. This is a great place for kids to learn about space and history of the station. I recorded the trip (its legal I thing) .

Space Center Houston :: 30 Oct 2012

The Theater District

The Theater District is a 17-block area in the center of downtown Houston which is the home to the Bayou Place Entertainment Complex, restaurants, movies, plazas, and parks. Bayou Place is a large building that is home to many restaurants, bars, live music concerts billiards, theatres, and art house films. The Houston Verizon Wireless Theatre has a lot of live concerts and the Angelika Theatre has the latest in art, foreign, and independent films.

Hermann Park

After some corn dogs (which doesn't taste like corn and dogs), we went to nature called

Hermann Park. We visited the Houston Garden Center which was erected in 1941 and the Center was managed by the Houston Federation of Garden Clubs. Its surrounding the center with over 2,500 rose bushes in a variety of colors and plants. We also saw the Japanese Garden which is an amazing island with a pine grove near the Sam Houston Monument, the garden was designed by world-renowned Japanese landscape architect Ken Nakajima and built to symbolize the friendship between the U.S. and Japan (pretty cool right). Recognizing the Japanese community, the garden is built on 5 acres and combines a traditional Japanese Garden design with a touch of Texas (which looks AWESOME).


Welcome to Fritztown

After the park in Houston, we ate pizza in a pizzeria for the first time (I ate cheese). After the yummy dinner, we went to the tour bus to get a good night sleep (for once, my friends keep me up at night). In the morning, we ate toast with butter and strawberry jelly (separately). I saw a sight that said "Welcome to Fritztown" and I felt like I know the name from somewhere.

Sunday Houses

We saw some Sunday Houses which reminded my of something. The Sunday Houses are unique to the German culture of the Texas Hill Country. The town uses Sunday Houses for people for overnight stays on their weekly travels into town for supplies and church attendance. Older generations would use the houses as a retirement house or (for the younger generations) inherited the acreage and the work. These houses are made of limestone rock coated with whitewash inside and out. Design used to has a fireplace and a porch. Often there was an outside staircase leading to the loft. Many of these homes in Fredericksburg have been restored to their natural way and with some of them being used as Bed and Breakfast retreats. I remember where I heard that Sunday Houses and Fritztown before, my grandmother lives in one of the Sunday Houses. I saw her in one of my visits. And they call it Fritztown in some business.

Cross Mountain

After seeing the Sunday Houses, we say the amazing Cross Mountain. It has an elevation of 1,915 feet (or 584 m). The first known record of Cross Mountain was in 1847 by Dr. Ferdinand von Roemer. Native Americans used the mountain to signal other tribes about intrusions into their territory. The area was part of settler Dr. John Christian Durst. Durst found a timber cross on the mountain, that are in Spanish missionaries that had once used the site. Durst named the place "Kreuzberg," or Cross Mountain. The mountain has been used for both Easter Fires pageant and for Easter sunrise services. It also has the cross sign on the top. The view was awesome.

Meusebach-Comanche Treaty

We learned about the Meusebach-Comanche Treaty. In the early days, a reddish-blonde haired person named John O. Meusebach was called El Sol Colorado (The Red Sun) for some reason (didn't pay attention). Meusebach, accompanied by geologist Ferdinand von Roemer, Special Agent Robert Neighbors, F. Shubbert, Jean Jacques von Coll, trader John F. Torrey and interpreter Anton Felix Hans Hellmuth von Blücher, to broke the 1847 Treaty between the Comanche and the German Immigration Company. The treaty was an agreement that the Comanche and settlers would mutually share the land, co-existing in peace and friendship. Meusebach paid the Penateka Comanches $3,000 in food, gifts and other commodities for their participation in the signing of the agreement. The native American signers of the treaty were only from the Penateka band. Without this treaty, the Penateka would not be going so good.


To the Person City thing

After learning about the Treaty, we had pizza at Pizza Hut. We then went to the bus to get a good night's sleep. I had some egg and Canadian bacon (mmm, Canadian bacon, it from Canada) to have a fun day a Sherman, it better not have a mascot named Sherman.

Herman Barker Park

We went to Herman Baker Park which was cool. Herman Barker Park is a large community park that has a lake called Pickens Lake which has a normal amount of shoreline like any normal beach or lake in France. The lake has a lake dam which is a very popular spot for sledding during every snowfall in Sherman. The park has a lot of different wildlife like deers or bears, a place where you can have privately, etc. Man, the park is so close to nature that it feels that it's outside of town.

Sherman Museum

After the city-away park (it was so beautiful), we went to a museum called Sherman Museum. It had at least 2 exhibits that I like that teach things about things. They had a Courthouses of Grayson County (amazing), Sharks of Grayson County (scary), Fossils of Grayson County (so old like my grandma), and Farm and Ranch Room (cool). They also have a General Store full of general stuff I think. There were also some other exhibits like the Interurban Days exhibit, or the Olive Oatman Fairchild exhibit, or the Woodmen of the World Home exhibit. Man, they aren't fun. But, on the other hand, it was fun.

Downtown Sherman

Downtown Sherman an official arts district and it holds an amazing treasure in their culture. The Sherman Community Players which existed for about 100 years in Sherman, they have showcases which has drama, comedic, and musical talent in every season at the Finley Theater. I saw a show, it was AWESOME.


To the city originally called Oneida

After the wonders in Sherman, we ate some tacos at Taco Bell (man, those Dorito-flavored tacos were amazing) and went to the bus to get some shut-eye. In the morning, we ate some toast and eggs to have fun in Amarillo.

Amarillo Museum of Art

We went to the Amarillo Museum of Art which was designed by an architect named Edward Durell Stone and the museum opened in 1972 on the grounds of Amarillo College. While the college pays the salary of the director, additional money comes from the Texas Arts Commission and various grants. The museum features a wide variety of visual indoor art and has special days include live music and refreshments. The Price Gallery of Asian Art is a permanent collection of over 300 artifacts collected and donated by Dr. and Mrs. William R. Price of Amarillo. An outdoor sculpture collection is provided on the museum's grounds. There many beautiful paintings there and the collage was big.

The Home of Lee Bivins

After the amazing art museum, we went to the Homes of Lee Bibins who was a popular mayor in Amarillo. In 1929, a succeed man by the name Lee Bivins was elected to be a mayor. He joined the Texas Railroad Commission in 1933 and because of this, he was elected from 1934 -1958. He became an international expert on business and being a leader. The first Mrs. Thompson, by the name of May Peterson Thompson, was a former Metropolitan Opera singer and was involved in the arts while in Amarillo until they moved to Austin. The home of Lee stands to day, I think.

Palo Duro Canyon

After seeing the home, we went to the Palo Duro Canyon. The Palo Duro Canyon is a canyon system with many landforms. Palo Duro Canyon has also been named "The Grand Canyon of Texas" for both its size and for its geological features. It has the Capitol Peak, Terrain of Palo Duro, Landslide at Palo Duro, and the Lighthouse. They all looked awesome like "Everything Was AWESOME".


Just a Plain View

After saying the not so big Grand Canyon version of a canyon, we ate nachos with chill and/or cheese (a dream come true) with a cheeseburger. After the delicious meal, we went to the bus to get some sleep. In the morning, I had a bowl of cereal and milk to have a day in Plainveiw.

A Plain View Site

We went to the Plainview Site which sounded boring which was. Plainview Site is a Native American archeological site which has point spear tips that have dated to 7800-5100 BC. It too boring to tell you more (it was too boring that I fell to the ground asleep and I got into trouble).

Runningwater Draw Park

After the boring place (too boring to say) we went Runningwater Draw Park which had a baseball softball field, an important community building, an amazing disc golf course, a old gazebo, a lighted sports field that can be used during or in the night, any courts, a picnic area (we ate hot dogs), a playground, a practice sport field for practices on sports are, a soccer field, and a walking/running track. We stayed in the park for most of the day. It was a lot of fun.

Movie Sites

After the super, silly, fun park (no, I didn't get it from Despicable Me) we went to some movie sites. Plainview was shown in a movie called Leap of Faith in 1992 by Steve Martin. Some movie sites in a downtown water tower that has the names of bears and mascot of the fictional town called The Rustwater Bengals. It was amazing.

Van Horn

To the Van that is a Horn

After the sites, we went to Sonic to eat some cheeseburgers. After that, we went to the bus to get some sleep. In the morning, I had toast that was toasted. This may fun.

First Presbyterian Church

We went to an old church called First Presbyterian Church which is a historic Christian church building. The church was build Carpenter Gothic style in 1901. We saw how people pray there. That and the building was old, like very old.

Eagle Field and Threemile Mountain

Eagle Field and Threemile Mountain is a field that has a lot of eagles in it and Threemile Mountain is a mountain that is three miles tall. We hiked and had a lot of fun doing it. It really was boring to just hike and see.

Clock of the Long Now

We went to a museum about one thing or a couple; the Clock of the Long Now. This is a clock that is to work for 10,000 years. There are rules on making one but there are too many to tell. This is just amazing too tell.

El Paso

Time To Pass

After the clock, we went to get some corn dog (again no corn or dog flavor) and then went to get some sleep for the last time in the bus. In the morning, I had eggs for the last time but we will have a fun day.

Ysleta Mission

We went to see an old church by the name Ysleta Mission. In 1680, the Mexicans have made settlements in the future land of El Paso (that also mean to pass in Spanish). They made the first church in which they called Ysleta Mission as to the mission they were on. It was old and amazing if you are on the inside.

Franklin Mountains State Park

After the church, we went to the amazing Franklin Mountains State Park. Franklin Mountains State Park is open for year-round recreation. It has two hiking trails that can are from Woodrow Bean Transmountain Drive. You can also rock climbing in McKelligon Canyon. The park also has picnic areas where a talking brown bear may steal them.

We rode the Wyler Aerial Tramway which is an aerial tramway and we rode it like 4 times. It was awesome!!!

Rise of the Festilval of FUN!!!!!! and/or DOOM!!!!!!!

On the last stop, we were going to have fun for the rest of the day by going to festivals. We went to the Neon Desert Music Festival that has over 30 acts from the worlds of indie rock, Latin and electronic dance music and we saw a quarter of them. Then we went the Texas Showdown Festival which had the world's largest tattoo and musical festival that better than the last one. We then went to the Sun City Music Festival that had the largest electronic dance music festival and I danced awesome (I think, people were cheering). We then went to the Plaza Classic Film Festival which is world’s largest festival dedicated to classic cinema. We saw some of the movies. Today was an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!!

This adventure will be one I will never forget. I hope I will do this again sometime. So, THE END.