Throughout the Years 1880-1920

By: Claire Woodland

Industrialization - Political

The Dawes act was adopted by congress in 1887. President Grover Cleveland surveyed all american indian land and then equally divided the land and gave it to individual indians. I am proud of this because it contributed to the idea that the U.S saw indians as individual citizens and not just a part of a tribe.
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Industrialization - Economic

During the years following the Civil War there was a period of agricultural overproduction. I am not proud of this because it left farmers in debt. Farmers became the minority of this time and not only were they left in a lot of debt, but the demand for more enabled them to grow more and build new farming techniques which I am proud of.

Industrialization - Cultural

During the Industrial era was time of intervention. I am proud of this because it lead to a time of new technologies and inventions to make things easier for everyone and help production as well in different areas.

Immigration - Political

The Chinese Exclusion Act prohibited the entry of Chinese immigrants into the United States. I am proud of this because it did keep the US from becoming over populated during this time of immigration and it controlled the flow of new immigrants coming from all over the world. I am also ashamed of this because it did just effect the lives of one race and it didn't matter if they were skilled or not.
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Immigration - Economic

Political machines were big leaders of this time period. They were associated with corruption and organized crime. They would often gained power and support by bribing the citizens for votes. I am ashamed of this, because the government did not do much to keep this from happening or letting the political bosses take control.
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Immigration - Cultural

During this time society focused on, Americanization, trying to conform new immigrants into american ways. I am ashamed of this because Americans wanted everyone to become like them. It took away diversity from the country.
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Urbanization - Political

The Child Labor act of 1916. It prohibited the sale in interstate commerce of goods produced by factories that employed young children under the age of 14. I am ashamed of this because it is not right to have kids so young working under such hard working conditions. This only led to people disagreeing with the factories and making them not want to support them as well.
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Urbanization - Economic

The Grange Movement during the years after the civil war were there to meet the news of farmers, to improve the economy at the time. I am proud of this because it showed that the government cared for it citizens especially equally as a group and helped them come out of such a hard time trying to meet demands.
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Urbanization - Cultural

Hull House was founded by Jane Addams. The house provided living space to new immigrants with good conditions unlike the tenement housing. I am proud of this because Jane saw a need for these immigrants and helped them out by providing shelter for them and their families while they were trying to find places to live and jobs to start their new lives in America.
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Progressive Era - Political

Teddy Roosevelts Square Deal protected businesses form demands such as organized labor. I am proud of this because it also helped domestic policies, average citizen fairness, breaking of bad trusts, regulation of railroads, and ensuring pure food and drug acts.
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Progressive Era - Economic

The huge increase of natural resources demanded factories to find more employees, but the poor working conditions only lead to strikes and people not wanting to join the factories. I am ashamed that americas factories had such poor conditions that people did not want to join to help their economy, but also at the fact that the factories did not care about the workers needs.
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Progressive Era - Social/ Cultural

There was a fight for women's suffrage at this time and the demand of the fourteenth amendment giving the right for women to vote as well as african american males. I am proud that women such as Susan B. Anthony stood up for their belief of gender equality.
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Imperialism - Political

The Monroe Doctrine made it official of the domination of the American continent. It also warned European countries that the US would not tolerate "puppet gov't" anymore. I am proud of this because America basically said straight up that they didn't want to be a part of alliances with those kinds of countries or have anything to do with these countries with that type of government.
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Imperialism - Economic

The Panama Rebellion was a rebellion that the US joined against columbia because Panama was under columbian rule at the time. In order for the US to gain and secure the panama canal it had to help them become independent from columbia. I am proud of this because by the US gaining control over the canal allowed them to control trade due to the fact that this was the main passage way for all ships.

Imperialism - Cultural

Taft's Dollar Diplomacy made loans to foreign countries, it was mostly aimed at countries in Latin-America using their huge economic power or advantage. I am ashamed of this because it was basically asking for countries to aid America so america wasn't trying to get on by its own or stay out of alliances.
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World War I - Political

The Selective Act was the first national draft that required all men ages 21 to 30 to enlist at local polling stations. I am ashamed of this because it forced all men within those ages to enlist no matter what they were doing during this time. Yes, it did add to the power of the armed forces, but it forced all women to pick up all the slack and take up jobs in substitution for the men at war.
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World War I - Economic

The Treaty of Versailles claimed that Germany was the main cause of war, and made Germany reliable for paying reparations for war. I am ashamed of this because Germany was not totally the main cause of war. Yes their submarine warfare was a cause of the US coming into the war, but other things started WWI such as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.
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World War I - Cultural

Trench warfare was a new type of combat, it lead to using the rotation of the front line, and also the use of new military equipment such as the machine gun, and mustard gas. I am proud of this because it allowed new war techniques and for military warfare to expand with new technologies.
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