The Capitol


Picture your self living in the best city out of the 12 districts where your treated and live like royally every day. The capitol is the best place in Panem you can't find a better place than here out in Panem you only have the 12 districts that are barley working and the wilderness.

The Capitol

The Capitol is a wonderful place to live its the shinning city in the middle of all the districts. They call it the shinning city because it is kept up to date on everything it is spotless no one who isn't wealthy lives there. It is the perfect place to raise a family and every year you get to see a splendid show off survival called The Hunger Games and every year the whole city watches The Hunger Games as it is their favorite thing of the year. The residents often refer the Capitol as The Shinning city.


The perks of living in the capitol is that you never get chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. One of the best things about The Capitol is you have almost everything at your disposal and you have plenty of everything never running out of food, or water, or any kind of supply or thing you need. You live a happy safe life here at The Capitol we have 0% crime no issues what so ever we try our very best to keep everything in best shape as possible.


In conclusion your not going to find a better place to live then The Capitol in the Panem region. The best city the most wealth, limitless supply of food everything you can ask for is at The Capitol.