South Carolina

Colony of proprietary and, home of the constitution start

How did the Constitution reflect to the Carolina Colony?

Anthony Ashley Cooper, and his secretary John Locke had come up with the Fundamental Constitutions for the new colony. Constitutions Locke created were based on liberal rights guaranteeing principles. The constitution for the Carolinas represented African slavery, letting this be the first colony to have slavery introduce on the outset.

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And so The Carolinas keep Growing On .....

I was some of the first settlers to arrive at what was called Charles Town at the time. The area around me had beautiful weather and great soil that was fertile. At this time the Spanish claimed our region we were living in. Indian tribes continued to trade as English struggled to dominate. I remember at first the Constitution never went into full effect, because many of its provisions were rejected. But the Carolinas only aristocracy developed was one of the wealth, which was supported by the labor of slaves. Close to 1690 slaves in the Carolina colony were the most valuable worth produced. Our Carolinians destroyed the Spanish by sending in other Indian allies to destroy their mission towns. I know the slave trade in the Carolina went to a sky rocket number, which increased violence among the Native Americans. Then our Carolinians had their backs turned on them in the Yamasee War 1715-1716. The South Carolina traders had cheated others, out of land, and enslaved other people woman and children. The Carolinas were putting everyone in crippled situations, including the Indian Slave Trade interference, which then caused the entire South Carolina venture to become dangerous for us people. The Carolinas were part of a economy based trade, plantation, agriculture, and slavery colony world pool.

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