Presidential Challenges

By Tori Braithwaite

International Relations

A lot of things impacted the United States from neighboring countries. One problem was that both France and Great Britain were seizing American ships and were about to begin war. This was a problem for the Presidents because they had to make the decision to seize the ships for a long time. Also France irritated the Americans by viewing the Jay Treaty as a violation of its own treaty with the United States. This was a problem because they didn't know why it was such a big deal. Lastly the war between France and Britain had its difficulties deciding what side to take for the Americans. They president was facing the problem of them bickering between countries. There was also a policy that George promoted was that the policy of neutrality. This would do nothing to aid France and Great Britain in this war. This impacted the President's job because they didn't want anything to do with the war at this time. Also Thomas Jefferson offered France and Great Britain if you agree to cease your attacks on American ships, The United States will not stop trading your enemy. This was a good opinion/law in the presidents mind because it was a good idea to not take part. It was also a solution that no foreign ships could enter United States pots, and no American ships could leave. This was a Presidents good doing in a way because then the fighting could stop and the trading as well. France's military leader Napoleon had taken over the French Government and was eager to make peace with the United States and Great Britain. This wasn't a difficult part because they were finally making peace with the foreign countries.

Internal Relations

Some ongoing crises going on in the United States are, the war between the Shawnee warriors and the Militia force. This was difficult because they were taking over land that was already rightfully taken and the President was in the middle. They began to fight because the Militia Force began to push the Shawnee Warriors out of their land and the Shawnee wouldn't take any of that. Another would be the United States Army. It was disbanded because they didn't have enough money to keep armies active. Second reason Americans had learned that a standing National Army could be used to take away their liberty. This was a problem to the President because the armies would be no longer and the fighting could begin again at anytime. Another problem with the nation was "Spirit of Party". This was a problem because the Democrats and Republicans had many problems voting wise and this caused problems for the President himself.