Third Grade Nuts & Bolts

Week of May 2

Six Weeks Remain

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that there are only six weeks remaining of the 2015-2016 school year. As the weather warms and Spring makes its entrance, third graders continue to blossom. Students will be very busy over the next six weeks and as their sports and activity schedules become more demanding, I ask that you communicate if your child appears overwhelmed with work or changes in daily schedule due to concert practices, special events, etc. It will soon be time to send your child to school with already applied sun protection already, and a cap to be worn during recess. I will ask students to wear their caps when working in our garden.


This week, students begin assembling their project boards. Some students are already transferring the information written on their country template into a Google doc. Please feel free to help them at home. Since each student makes an individual choice as to whether or not they will work on their project at home, you will only see assigned assignments in their planners.

Salt dough maps are also being worked on in class. The country capital, landforms, and a compass rose have been placed on the maps.

Each year, I have stayed after school to work with those students who wish to get ahead on their maps and boards. Though I am unable to do so this year, if I am on campus before 8:00a.m., students know they are welcome to come in the classroom and work.

I have not yet set a date for the "Country Fair". This date will be determined as students continue to make more progress.


This week, students study Unit 17. There will be a "quiz" on Friday.


Though we work in Chapter 11 learning metric measurement, students continue practicing multiplication and division.

Poetry / Opinion Writing

With the guidance of Kathy Priest, third graders enjoyed writing their own poetry. I have displayed this work, but will be sending it home over the next week. The creative "fish stories" which students wrote over the past two weeks are excellent! These stories are hanging on our hallway board, and I encourage parents to read them as well as admire the beautiful illustrations.

As students finish reading The One and Only Ivan, they are writing their opinion as to whether animals should or should not be caged. The opinions I have read thus far are supported with reasons which have been developed through both reading the book and research.

Third Grade Garden

Third graders shared individual garden experiences and enthusiasm as they measured the required space needed to build four raised beds. Last Friday, students removed weeds, tilled soil, moved rocks, leveled the ground, and assembled four raised beds.

This week, we await the delivery of soil and compost. When it arrives, students will fill the raised beds and begin planting vegetables, herbs, and sunflowers. Following this, students will mulch the area around the raised gardens.