Classy Update

Math 7A


Welcome! Our 16 week students have joined the 18 week students and we are rolling! While our 18 week students are pros at the due dates, the 16 week students are still learning. However, if anyone has a question, please ask.

Help Session Day and Time Survey

Under the "Resources" drop down menu, you will find a link to "Surveys". Please click this link and complete the "Help Session Day and Time" survey.

The Math Hompage

The Course Information widget can be found on the right side of the math homepage. In this widget you will find your syllabus(The syllabus has our calendar of assignments at the end.), the standards, and the link to join our weekly help session.

Every Monday, we have a help session at 4pm. Our next help session is 8/29/16. If you have specific questions or would like to cover a specific topic, please email me.
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Late Work

We have due dates every two weeks on Thursdays. The next due date is 9/1/16. If you accidentally miss the due date, you can still submit your work for a late grade.
  • Submissions received after the due date on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will receive a 10% penalty.
  • Submissions received after the due date on Monday will receive a 20% penalty.
  • Submissions received after the due date on Tuesday will receive a 30% penalty.
  • No work will be accepted after Tuesday at midnight following the due date.
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Fall Break

GaVS doesn't have a Fall Break. If your school takes a fall break, please remember that you must continue working on your GaVS work. You may work ahead if you will not be able to work that week.
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