B.C.M Harrison, Co.

Because Convenience Matters

What's my company's service?

How many times have you forgotten to take the trash cans to the road? How many times have your kids forgotten? Countless. Enough is enough, surely there's a solution, and there is; B.C.M Harrison, Co. is my local service that will take your trash cans to the road every week for $5 a month. Garbage Men are a necessity, B.C.M is a convenient and affordable luxury. So stop throwing your valuable time in the trash, enlist me, and get back to what you love doing.

Who is Jack Mader

I'm a 15 year old hopeful entrepreneur, who discovered a problem and subsequently made a creative and simple solution. I attend Lawton Chiles High School and am currently a freshmen there. Thank you, and I look forward to you having you as a customer.

Trashy experience?

Get a %200 re-found for your purchase of my service if you are displeased. Thats $10 back for your original $5. I stand behind my honest and reliable work.