Muscular System

BY: kaitlin,billie jo, patrick

Main Function

It gives your body strength.

Main Parts And There Function

deltoids-used to raise the arm from the sidetriceps-helps the action of the staightening the elbowgastrocnemius-helps the action of wich extends the foot,raises the heel,and assists in bending the kneequadraceps-front of the thigh that acts to extend the leginter coastals-inter coastal muscle,memeber, or spacepectorals- amuscle located in the chest or breastbiceps- assists in bending the arm, and the other on the thigh and assists in bending the legsternocleidomastoids- takes the place in assisting to bend the head and neck forward and sideways

The Muscular System also affects other body systems.

The Muscular System affects the Skeletal system because it helps move your bones and adds to the structer of your body along with the bones and other systems in your body.

Other body systems also affect the Muscular System

The Circulatory System affects the Muscular system because it pumps the blood through your muscles it needs in order to function correctly.

Some diseases and illnesses that can affect the system

The Muscular system diseases or illnesses consist of muscle weakness,tore muscle tissue and many more.

Environment effects the system

Say you are picking up a rock that was heavier than what your body can lift,you could serisouly damage the muscle you are using by pulling or over working it.

Did You Know?

Your body contains 8+ differant muscles.Without your muscles you wouldnt be able to walk,move or do anything that you can today.If you didn't have muscles your body would be very fragile and your bones would break very easy.

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