A Little Bit Scary

By, Taylor Moorehead

You may think Kaxmilla is a little bit scary, but...

~She can help you correct your mistakes.

~She can teach you different tactics to remember facts.

~She will be there when you need her.

Good Deeds

~Once she got her teacher degree she helped her friends while they were studying.

~She built a shack on the side of the road to give away free clothing and free food.

~When she couldn't afford any more clothing to give away she made a stand to sell lemonade to afford more clothing.

Kaxmilla's Family

~Kaxmilla has two brothers and three sisters.

~Kaxmilla is the oldest in her family (she is not older than her parents).

~The mom and dad are both teachers like Kaxmilla.

~Kaxmilla's two brothers love football, and her sisters love baking.


~Her favorite subject in school was language arts.

~She is in a club called PIRI (it stands for pick it and read it).

~Her favorite book is called The Giant Wave.

Kaxmilla's Favorite Things

~Her favorite color is green like the green grass.