The Steel Plow


  • John Deere
  • john Deere was a farmer who wanted to make his work more convenient
  • John Deere is the only won who claims credit for the invention

  • The invention was made so that farmers can do their work faster and easier
  • The day Johns plow broke because it couldn't withstand the soil it was meant to be plowing
  • A bigger more faster and easier machine has been made using the same ideas John Deere did 175 years ago
  • To move soil faster
  • It is being used in a more efficient way
  • Its now bigger and runs on gas instead of man power
  • It brought a lot of money to the industry


  • The steel plow was invented in 1837
  • It took many years for John Deere to perfect the steel plow design
  • The steel plow was given a patent in 1868

  • The Steel Plow has impacted my life by making it easier for farmers to harvest the food that I eat everyday