Joseph Lail

The Fruits Of Life


One thing i love to do is watch movies. I love most all types of movies ranging from action to romance and everything in between. My favorite movies would have to be World War Z, Moulin rouge, V for Vendetta, and The Hunger games.

TV Shows

I love TV shows more so then movies because they go on longer and because I HATE ENDININGS. My favorite shows are Walking Dead, Supernatural, Sherlock Homes(BBC), and my all time favorite show is Doctor Who. Doctor who is a show about a Time Lord (alien) who travels through time and space in his T.A.R.D.I.S to different worlds to help and save people.


Food is all I think about sometimes. I plan my next meal when I'm eating some times, pretty fat i know. Some of my favorite food is pizza, and most all Mexican food, and Japanese Food.


My family consist of my dad Joey, my mom Robin, two brothers Josh and John, my sister Tiffany, and me. My family and I are not that close.


I wrestle for NCHS. I have started 12 varsity matches this year and my record is now 7-5. I would have to say the best match i have had this year was agents Cody Dobbins he is 9th in the state for 138. It was a very close match I lost 3 to 4. I was so close to beating one of the top ten people in the state not bad for a JV a glorious match i called it. I also got to wrestle the guy ranked 1st in the state at 138 the score was 8-1. It may look like i lost bad, but to me i did out standing.