First Grade Forest

Ms. Briggs' Class

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End of the year Testing

As part of the state requirement for first grade, students are assessed at the end of the school year in math and reading skills. This is to measure the progress we make in the classroom. Testing can be stressful for a child so be sure to discuss with them how excited you are to see how much they have grown this year. Please Remember that May is an important month for all students. Breakfast and sleep this time of year is important! They are going to do a great job on all the assessments and I know they will make you proud.

Bees in the School??????

The Bee Cause


Please help provide snacks that almost all students eat every day. You can bring non-perishable snacks before your time.

Friday April 8, 2016- Mary Thomas Aldridge

Monday April 11, 2016- Emma Arnold

Tuesday 12th- Niiviah Barton

Wednesday 13th- Dejahnai Brown

Thursday 14th- Silas Constant-Morris

Friday 15th- Ja’Ryn Darity

Monday 18th- Tremayne Durant

Tuesday 19th- Brenton Emory

Wednesday 20th- William Garvin

Thursday 21st- Rose Hynes

Friday 22nd - Conner Johnston

Monday 25th- Norah Jones

Tuesday 26th – Katelyn Kledis

Wednesday 27th- Lainey Knechtel

Thursday 28th- Kiley Lee

Friday 29th- Riley Mansell

Monday 2nd- Razzio Miles

Tuesday 3rd- Jyniah Pinkston

Wednesday 4th- Orion Reeves

Thursday 5th- Bennett Schoenauer

Friday 6th- Ziggy Talamahan

Monday 9th- India Vrable

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 22: Bee Celebration Day- Wear black and yellow

Thurs., Apr. 28th: Family Voices/Community Outreach - Grant Center, 5:30-7:00pm
Fri., April 29: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 6:00 pm
Sat., April 30: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 6:00 pm
Sun., May 1st: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 1:30 am

Friday, May 20th: Field Trip to Beaver Lake for a picnic, nature walk and a bee lesson.

Quick overview of what are we learning

Fundations: We started unit 12 Today! This week we are learning how to spell 2 syllable words!

Writing: We are focusing hard on writing this month because the written response assessment is coming up in the first week of May. We are working on fiction and non-fiction writing.

Daily 5: We start our end of the year Mclass testing on Monday.,

Math: We have started our End of the Year Math Assessments.

Social Studies: Economy unit. This week we focused on choosing goods and wants, products and services.

Johnson Field Trip!

Our trip was great! We learned so much about life in the past in the Appalachian Mountains. The first activity was to explore the original farm house that served a a boarding house. We saw so many antiques and noticed how different our every day objects looked a hundred years ago. We saw a kitchen, a bedroom, a parlor, sitting room and dinning room. It was so cool! We then saw the additonal boarding house and learned about sheep and wool. We also had a hay ride and pet donkeys! It was a wonderful day.