Magic Johnson

By cooper moyer


Early Life: Earvin Johnson was born August 14th, 1959. He had 9 brothers and sisters. His mom was a school custodian and his dad worked for general motors. Magic loved basketball and he would start practicing at 7:30a.m. He got his nickname "magic" when he scored 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists in one game.

Passion For B-Ball:Magic committed to Michigan State University, he was 6 ft 9 inches and played point guard. In his first year at MSU, he helped the Spartans win the Big Ten Conference Title. In his second year at MSU he helped the Spartans win the National championship against Indiana State (who had Larry bird). Larry Bird and Magic had a rivalry from that game till the NBA. Magic was drafted into the NBA the next year by the Los Angeles Lakers. He was a beast his first year averaging 18 ppg, 7.7 rebounds per game, and 7.3 assists per game. In his first season he won the NBA finals MVP. They went again in 1981-1982 and they won and Magic won his second NBA Finals MVP. They were in the finals again once again against the 76ers and they finally lost. But they dominated a lot through the 80's. Until 1984 when the rivals Bird (who played for the Celtics) and Magic (who played for the Lakers). The Celtics ended up winning that match up in the finals. But they faced again, the next year and Magic won. They took a break from the finals until 1987 when Bird and Johnson faced again and the Lakers ended up winning and Johnson won Finals MVP again and for his last time. Johnson won the NBA MVP in 1989 and in 1990.

HIV Problems: In November of 1991, Johnson revealed that he had HIV which leads into aids. He had to retire from the game of basketball because it can be caught by other people and he didn't want anyone having to go what he had to go through. At the time his wife was pregnant with his first kid, which was bad, but luckily neither of them had HIV. The announcement he made to the world was a big changing. Because at the time, everyone thought HIV was only for homosexuals or drug users. So Johnson really helped turn around how people think of HIV. Johnson Established The Magic Johnson Foundation to help spread awareness of the whole HIV situation. Not distracted by the problem Johnson played one last time with the Dream team of 1992. but then he was done because other players were worried about catching the disease. He wrote his 3rd book in 1992 about the story of his life. He tried sports commentating and then in 1993-1994 season he became one of the Lakers coaches. After that season he bought a share of them.

Comeback then Gone: Johnson made a brief comeback in 1996 with the Lakers, but then retired for good that season. He ended with 17,701 points, 10,141 assists, 6,559 rebounds, and 1824 steals total in his career. He ended it with 11.2 assists per game which record still stands today. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002. Johnson became a very good business man when he created Magic Johnson Foundation. In 2008 he wrote a book on 32 Ways To Be a Champion in Business. In 2009, Johnson was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

HIV Awareness

Everyone during the 80's and 90's thought HIV was only caught by Gay men. So when Johnson announced he had HIV he said "anyone even me can catch the virus." Which shocked the world and changed some views on HIV. Jeff Pearlman wrote a biography for Johnson and it ended when Johnson announced his HIV positive. Showtime, the name of the book, was a big contributor for the help of HIV awareness. Jeff said "Magic is the closest we have ever seen to a second Muhammad Ali... Magic is loved by people who don't give a sh*t about basketball, the same way Ali has moved millions of non-boxing enthusiasts. The reason people were shocked was because a Laker had HIV." With Johnson's announcement it helped everyone realize that safe sex is the way to go because anyone can get HIV. Not just gay people or black people or white people or Indian people get it. Anyone who has sex or has a cut should cover it up so that if someone has it, it can't get into you.

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