Is Genetic Modification Ethical?

by : oumou & Kellie

view point of Fred Kirschenmann ~organic farmer~

Fred Kirschenmann is an organic farmer and he choose not to plant genetically engineered seeds. He states " We manipulate things and try to get things to grow the way we want them to grow. But it's using a much more powerful technology now, so it is different." What he is saying is that one day genetic engineering may get out of hand and we wont be able to reverse it.

issue article

Jurassic Park

In the movie Jurassic park many types of cloning has happened. Its actually happening in present day, in Iowa a cow was cloned to be come a gaur. A gaur is an ox like animal that lives in India. This all happened with the process of DNA and cloning.

Tasmanian tiger

A Tasmanian tiger is an extinct marsupial ,but Australian biologist believe they can bring this animal back to life with a simple strand of DNA. And the Tasmanian tiger might be coming back.


it depends

Genetic Modification can be either good or bad depending on the situation. It can be a bad thing when we as human beings start to do things that are in human. For example if a doctor starts to clone humans for body parts for sick patients, he or she is still killing a life so another can live . Someone loses a child an wishes that they were still alive and cant bare the grief for the lose of their child. one of the options could be cloning.

Letter to the Editor

If Genetic Modification was not available to us we would not have a lot of produce. Most of our live stock is genetically modified so we would not have all this outgrowth.
Genetically modified food is better, its healthier,and it doesn't have a lot of chemicals. At Publix they said that most of there products have GMOs in it and that is my go to.