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Safest car ever recorded! The BRZWRX86 uses exceptional laws providing YOUR safety is ensured! With features such as hydraulic brake hoses, brake systems, airbags and seat belts all created with the acknowledgement of "Newton's Laws", you'll be driving with no worries!

Scientifically inspected:

What is so amazing about this new vehicle? And why is it considered "the safest car"? Well the new Subaru has been inspected and reviewed by experts of motion, as well as been provided with assistance in the creation of the 86, with the main intention of including as many expert safety features as possible!

Forces acting on vehicles

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You cant go past the new and improved safety measures of the BRZWRX86! Scientifically inspected and approved, and reviewed by experts in force! There is nothing both hotter and safer than the introduction of Subaru's new creation! What are you waiting for!?