Solar System Exploration

Lauren Young

Pre 1900:

Percival Lowell

Name DOB & DOD

Name: Percival Lowell

DOB: March 13th 1855

DOD: November 12th 1916


Percival was an astronomer, buissinessman, author and a mathematician.

Main Discoveries

Percival found existence of a planet beyond the orbit of Neptune

He was looking for what he called planet x from 1905 until his death in 1916 he didn't end up finding it

Technologies Used

He used a 5 inch telescope. He took pictures of the sky for two years To study them, he laid one plate over the other and used a magnify glass to look for any shift in the stars.

Contributions to knowledge

he helped us find out how many planets are in our solar system.

post 1900


Name & Date

NAME: Mission Messenger.


The key mission goal is to explain why Mercury is the only inner planet besides the earth to have a global magnetic field.

Technologies Used

A camera with wide and narrow fields of view.


New results from the MESSENGER spacecraft not only confirm that the planet closest to the sun has ice inside.

additional information

studying the planet's magnetic field and dense core, which is believed to make up at least 60% of its mass.