Video Editing Class

New class for aspiring directors, producers, and Youtubers!

You will not get this much personal training anywhere else in the area.

We will get you looking and feeling like a professional in no time. When you see the final project, you will not even believe that it was created with your own two hands!

We will provide the following:

  • Programs that will be downloaded onto laptop computers
  • Professional Producers, Directors and Youtubers trained to teach you
  • Email addresses for both the instructors and you to ask questions if you try to work at home

Join us twice a week to learn the secrets of professional film production.

We only insist you provide:

  • your own laptop computer
  • a passion for creating filmography
  • an idea for the type of film you want to create
  • Clips that you want to edit together

Guaranteed to Make all your Projects, memorable ones!


Classes take place on the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month.

Monday: From 8-10 AM and/or 6-8 PM

Tuesday: No Classes Available at this time

Wednesday: No Classes Available at this time

Thursday: No Classes Available at this time

Friday: From 1-3 PM and/or 4-5:30 PM