Basic Transfer

Tricia Martinez

Basic Transfer

Basic Transfer, founded by Tricia Martinez, is a non-profit organization that helps women in need. You can easily make a transfer and it will go to a woman in extreme poverty. The transfer goes directly to the women which maximizes your donation.

Why it was founded and why it's good

Basic Transfer was founded because these simple transfers are easy and help tremendously. The donations really impact the women and they can even track and measure the progress. By tracking and measuring the donations, they can find the best way to give the money and solve the issue of poverty.

Comparing Martinez and Schultz

Tricia Martinez is different than Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. Martinez is a social entreprenuer and started a non-profit organization to help women in extreme poverty. Schultz started Starbucks to have success because he noticed coffee shops would do well. Entreprenuers can have different goals as seen here. Martinez want to help get women out of poverty, and Schultz wants to make money while helping people get great coffee and giving good employee benefits.


In this video Schultz talks about how a $15 minimum wage will hurt small businesses. But he also states how increasing the minimum wage will help people get by and have a little more money. He also states how Starbucks gives employee benefits and they like them. So, Schultz demonstrates some social entreprenuer traits