The Bully

By Paul Langan

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The Summary

Darrell mercer moves from Philadelphia to California because his uncle Jason offered his mom a high paying job their. When he gets their, he meets a bully named Tyray Hobbs. He also make two new friends,(Harold and Amberlynn) joins the wrestling team, and beats Tyray in a fight.

The character analysis

Tyray Hobbs is the Main Bully in this story. he Bullys Darrell, and makes him pay his lunch money to him. He also makes Darrell mad at the dance and always calls him and his mom poor. He also embaresed Darrell and Amberlynn in front of the whole english class.then one day, Darrell stops paying tyray his money and they get into a big fight. Tyray lost, and broke his arm. after that, he said he will kill Darrell when he sees him again
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Paul Langan

Born January 26 1972 in Philadelphia, Paul spent his childhood moving around southern new jersey. In 1991 he enrolled in Camden Community collage, he later transfered to la salle university. He later went to pennslvania univeristy and got his master degree their.

(Every job, could make a real juicy story later on)

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Book Comparison

This Book reminds me of a dinferent perspective of the book stargirl. the girl in the story is new around but knows everything all ready. so kevin and the girl trys to figuire her out and reveal shes not real???
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Stargirl Book Trailer