Technology On Education

By: Chelsea

About me

My Name is chelsea Walker, i go to F.L Schlagle High school Im in the 10th grade! I want to be a nurse when i get older. For now i like doing hair.... I love going shopping and out with my friends!
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How Does Technology Affect Student Academics?

I choose this question because i feel like this topic affects me in different areas! Me i spend a lot of time on social media or just on my phone period during class & and i have to realize that it is affecting me on my grades.

What I Know , What I Want to now , And what other know

- I know that students are more into they laptops and phones

- I want to know how much of a percentage does people think technology affects the test scores.

- i asked a few classmates and they said they really don't think technology affects they grades or schooling !


- Technology is changing the way kids learn, learning is based on technology. Everything needs some type of technology.

Why I Choose This Topic

I choose this topic because I love technology and I know during class I be on my technology all the time! I wanted to see what impacts does technology affect the educational system .

What I learned

That technology is becoming a big thing in the new life! and before we know it everything is going to involve technology things!

What other thinks

- Some people feel that things should just get back to paper and books

- others female that the technology helps more and makes things easy

Videos On The Topic

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