Peak Expedition

By: Hanna and Khadijah


Preparation is an important part of a climb up the worlds tallest mountain. Most people need to train for at least a year for Everest spacificaly. You will need four types of training flexibility, strength, cardiovascular, and climbing training. Training at high altitude will be important for getting used to thin air along with cold temperatures.

Training is important because if you do not train you will be to weak to do any climbing at all. Preparation also includes having the material you need to get to the top. While gathering the materials you need make sure it is not broken or damaged. Last, you need to organize it and make sure you are only bringing what you need.

Economic Impact In Nepal From Tourism

Tourism has had a great impact on Nepal do to Mount Everest. Nepal is said to be one of the poorest countries in the world, however they get a great source of income from the tourism on Mount Everest. Tourism on Mount Everest brings in around half a billion dollars every year. this shows tourism is one of the most productive industries in Nepal.

Tourism is an important industry because sherpas would not have jobs if there were no mount Everest tourist. The sherpas can be payed $60,000 by tourist just to reach the summit. Other jobs are only payed $700 a year, so the diffrence in pay is 59,300.


Peak is the son of Joshua Wood and a year before Peak's 15th birthday he gets the chance to try a summit attempt on Mount Everest. Peak makes friends with a Nepalese and Tibetan boy named Sun-jo. However they are both 14 year olds which caused tenshion between Sun-jo and Peak, in the end Peak told Sun-jo to summit and be the worlds youngest free Tibetan to summit Mount Everest.