Marine Biology

The Science of Marine Life

The Big Idea

Why I want to become a marine biologist is to study life in the ocean. Plus the job lets me go to cool places and let's me swim in the ocean (SWEET!). I also kind of want to be a creative writer (but that might not pay the bills so I'm just going to do that as a hobby.).

Unanswered Question

An unanswered Question I have is: Who are some marine biologists?. The answers to this question will be below.

My Unanswered Question Answered

Some marine biologists are/were Captain James Cook who mapped the sea for the british navy, Charles Darwin who looked at specimens from the sea, Sir Charles Wyville Thomson who also studied specimens, William Beebe and Otis Barton who descended 923 miles below the surface off of the coast of Bermuda, Rachel Carson who was a scientist but wrote about her discoveries so that the reader would get interested in marine biology, Dr. Sylvia Earle who has done multiple dives and is the current record holder for deep diving, Dr. Robert Ballard who found the Titanic, and Jaques Cousteau who invented the regulator.


You at least need a bachelors degree to be a marine biologist.
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