by Lefevers

What is the Grassland like?

The grasslands are located in North America,Mexico,Asia,South America,Europe,Africa,Australia.The grasslands climate is usually hot but in the winter it is very cold.There are lots of wild flowers like Golden Pea,Passion flower,and prairie. There are zebras,Giraffes,Buffaloes,Elephants,Cheetahs,Red wolfs,Rhinoceroses, Ostritrich.


The Cheetah adapts to the grasslands because it can run and capture its prey.The Red wolf adapts to the grasslands because it hides in the bushes and jumps to attack its prey.The Golden Pea can adapt to the grasslands because it needs the soil to grow.The Pasque Flower has adapted to the soil and helps the roots grow.

How the Grasslands are Special

Each Grassland is special because they are all different,each Grassland is unique because some are big and some are small and each grassland has a diffrent pouplation of animals and flowers.
Grasslands Biome L

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