The murder in New York by Kasandra Dominguez

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

In general New York is a very busy state. People don't socialize one another that much and they don't pay attention to the small details of their surrounding. In Greenwich Village is like that people just know they have neighbors but they haven't met them and that's why it is easier for a crime to happened and no one will notice. But I am not like that because I pay attention around my surrounding. I'm glad I'm not the only like that because in the neighborhood L.B Jefferies a photographer got injured by taking a race car photo and since he didn't have much to do he decided to spy on people and he did.

I remember not so long since I move to this nice apartment on a dark and rainy night I hear something that gave me chills and was the cry of a woman. I'm not gossip but I found it very weird so I flipped through the curtain and there was no one and no one seemed interested, all seemed asleep but to me seemed so strange i keep looking for a long time and I saw someone leaving and that was Mr. Thorwald acting weird.

I was curious and kept seeing and although my eyelids would surrender and they did.

I keep looking for strange things at the apartment since Mrs. Thorwald wasnt there the next day I assume he did something to her. Days passed and I saw Lisa Fremont claiming to Mr. Thorwald apartmaent while he was gone and come back and saw her and the police came and he went to the photographer room and throw him through the window and the police find him guilty for killing his wife cutting her and disperse her in NY. Something really shocking.

Feminism today and during 1950's

Feminism today

1. Men are paying more money than women even if they are doing the same job.

2. Men is the powerful sex and women the weaker so they can't do much.

3. Women take care of the kids while men just work.

Feminism 1950's

1. Women's suffrage

2. Due to the need for workers to replace the jobs of men who were deployed overseas during World War II, many women began working outside of the home. In addition, women who had held jobs prior to the war were given the opportunity to work in better jobs and receive more pay due to the opening of positions that were previously male-dominated.

3.numerous lawsuits were filed by women in an attempt to establish a law granting women the right to receive birth control pills.


Poor Mrs. Thorwald
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He was calling his lover and got mad at his wife.
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He went out a rainy day at 3:00 a.m something strange
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Mrs. Thorwald is iin there . In the baggage .
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He is moving stuff so suddenly and Mrs. Thorwald is not around
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Oh lord there is the proof that he murder her.
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He has a saw, he sure killed Mrs. Thorwald by cutting her. He is cleaning the evidence.
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why he has his wife's ring Oh my God!

Music a huge part for the movie

This song make Mrs. Lonelyhearts show her lonely and imaginary "date" and Jeffries saw all that. In some way I think the song fit the scene.
Lisa's Theme
This song make it feel like if something was about to happened. Make the audience feel a little bit of suspense .
Rear Window | Caught In The Act | James Stewart and Grace Kelly
This scene has a lot of suspense but since the song is not scary instead is soft make the audience feel like Lisa will be alright.
REAR WINDOW Opening (Cinematography)
In the opening scene the music and a little fast but is nice.