Gaspee Incident

(Gaspee Affair)


The HMS Gaspee and the commander William Dudingston were sent by King George III to Rhode Island waters in March of 1772. They were sent to prevent smuggling and to enforce the maritime trade laws. The Hannah chased the Gaspee up the Narragansett Bay, until they ran aground. John Brown called a meeting of the sea captains and decided to attack the Gaspee. At 10 PM on June 9th 1772, eight long boats attacked the Gaspee.

The Gaspee Incident

Tuesday, June 9th 1772 at 10pm

Rhode Island Waters

Additional Information

What led up to the burning of the Gaspee?

  • Rhode Island Charter of 1663
  • Molasses and Trade
  • Aftermath of the French and Indian War
  • Taxes and Non-Important Agreements
Who/What was affected?
  • The HMS Gaspee

What was the colonists response?

  • Patriots contacted Samuel Adams and asked what to do next and Adams said that all colonists should come together against the English government.
  • Loyalists were angry with the Patriots for destroying their ship and ruining their orders from the king.

Relationship between Great Britain and Colonist afterwards?

  • After the burning of the Gaspee tension between the colonist and the British worsened and soon after the American Revolution begun.