Support Kids at St. Jude's hospital

By: Riley Marabello and Olivia Alton

Please help these kids

There are kids with different types of cancer and they need your help! You can help by doing math problems...... i may sound crazy but it is true! by participating in the program called Mathathon you can make a team or work by yourself on math problems to collect money so the parents of the sick children never receive a bill from the hospital, it is also so the doctors have enough money to research the new types of cancers that come along during the years. anyways..... Mathathon is where you Receive a fun math book full of math problems that you can do to collect money for the familys and doctors like i mentioned before. in the end you will feel really good that you did this to help these really sick children. Also you will get prizes for how much money you raised and the list of those prizes can be found at this website:

BTW, the math you will be receiving is from common core, don't be worried though it will be in your range of math you can do. Also make sure to have fun!!! :D