Dichotomous Key

By Klahdia Burgin

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1.a Is rearing

1.b Not rearing go to 5

2.a Has wings Stormecus nightum

2.b Does not have wings go to 3

3.a Has rainbow mane Raineus bowum

3.b Does not have rainbow mane go to 4

4.a Entirely black body Mideum nightly

4.b Not entirely black Moonaem lightus

5.a Is all white Pureus glorium

5.b Not all white go to 6

6.a Has pink body Cottoneum candeus

6.b Does not have pink body go to 7

7.a Is striped go to 8

7.b Is not striped go to 9

8.a Is white and brown striped Zebraneus cornea

8.b Is tan and blacked striped Tigrus cornea

9.a Is wearing an astronaut suit Cutiecum spacius

9.b Is wearing armor Nightum ponious

Answer key

Testers of my key

- Jolie Mullings

- Kristen Stubenazy