Friday Focus

Friday, Dec. 12, 2014 . . . vol. 2, no. 16

Meant to cut down on the number of emails you receive from me, Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.


Some of you may have already heard this. I wish I'd been paying attention to the State of the State address! The proposed state budget eliminates funding for INSPIRE, which means all those databases we rely on will have to be funded some other way ... or not. If you haven't already received the very detailed document from the State Library about the damage this will do, please let me know and I will forward it to you. If you know any legislators, let them hear from you!
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Making Finding Things Easier

from Deb Lambert, Director of Collection Management

TV Series will have their own collection code and format stickers.

With this change, our public library branches will shelve TV series in a separate run from nonfiction and feature film DVDs and Blu-rays.

  • New TV Series will come with “TV Series” format stickers
  • New TV series will have spine labels that have “TV” and “BLU TV” as the call number prefix, which will help patrons find just what they need!
  • Existing TV series DVDs and Blu-rays already in the collections will get new stickets, but not new spine labels.

Graphic Novels will have their own collection code and genre stickers.

  • They will have their own genre sticker, collection code and call number prefix of “GN” for adult and teen, and “jGN” for juvenile.
  • Adult and Teen graphic novels will be shelved together in a separate “graphic novels” section. Just so you know, all branches are being encouraged to shelve graphic novels in a separate run from nonfiction books.
  • Juvenile graphic novels will be kept separate, in a graphic novels section of juvenile collection.
  • Existing graphic novels already in the collection won't get the new spine labels. but they will get the stickers.

From Sarah: We will probably change the collection codes for your graphic novels, as well, but it may be a summer project! I think it would help to break them out of your nonfiction circulation statistics. If any of you would like to use the same graphic novel genre sticker, let me know and I will get you the vendor and price info!

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The Homework: Science Experiments page on the IndyPL Kids' Blog includes several science experiment pages with directions, as well as websites, databases, and books for research.

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