The End from the Beginning!

How You Can Make a Change

Life before Thoughts Arise

There are those people that stand out in a crowd and there are others who just fit in easily. There are those however that welcome others into their world so they can see different experiences rather than being in the dark and fading away where no one will remember them. Some people like to spend their quality time alone but others would like to spend with friends but can't find the right ones or don't really have any. I believe that if we take a stand and include those who want to have the same fun we do it would prevent further comings.

What an Outcast Becomes

Even though we talk to them, have conversations with them, when we leave we forget about them. It's like they are invisible. This when they start to move away from people. They believe they don't belong with others so they spread away.

How Seclusion Leads to Violence

People think that everyone doesn't care anymore so violence is okay, but it is not. These people undergo depression which causes anger which can come out in a violenced expressed way.

The Stand You Can Make

Include others because it is the right thing to do. When others seem like they are shy or they can't talk, include them in the conversation because it may cause events to not happen in the future because of that. I believe that if everyone gets included every now and then crime rates will have significantly decreased.