Closed For The Season

By: Mary Downing Hahn Book Report By Hayden Simpson


It all starts when Logan Forbes and his Mom and Dad move to Bealesville. They move into a house that's grass has grown too long and the roof had holes in it. Mrs. Donaldson, the former owner of the house, worked at an amusement park in town called The Magic Forest. It was discovered that someone had been stealing money from the park, and Mrs. Donaldson was a suspect, but the money was never found. Many people believed that she had the money hidden in her house somewhere. The park eventually closed down, and one night Mrs. Donaldson was pushed down her steps and left for dead. Logan, one of the members of the family who purchase this abandoned home, is a nerdy, active kid that gets really scared easily.

Rising Action

Logan and Arthur decide to find out who killed Mrs. Donaldson. First, they go to Arthur's Grandma and she thinks it was Silas. Silas was Mrs. Donaldson's daughters husband. He's been in and out of prison.

1. They decide to go to Magic Forest to try and find the money.

2. They see Silas at Magic Forest.

3. They talk to Mr. Disilvio who tells them to stay away from the park.

4. They talk to Violet who knows where the money might be.

5. They go to Magic Forest again.


They see Mr. Disilvio with a briefcase in one hand and a gun in the other. Next to his side is Silas. All of a sudden a dog comes out of no where and attacks Mr. Disilvio. The dog knocks the gun and briefcase out of his hand and Violet grabs it. She then calls 911.


In the end, Mr. Disilvio and Silas go to jail. Also, Logan becomes popular at his new school.

The theme is that don't judge a book by it's cover. Because Logan at first thought that Bealesville was a deadbeat town but instead turns out it is a very interesting town.

Non Fiction Using DNA to Solve Crime because

I choose this article because Logan and Arthur solve a murder and this article is about crime solving using DNA

DNA is a pretty interesting procedural tool. Police have been solving crime using DNA for two decades . The United States Department Of Justice says that "Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses." Discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick discovered how DNA worked (Solving Crime using DNA.) DNA can be compared from evidence of the crime scene to a certain person. According to DNA can be used to trace murders from over 300 years ago. If the police department were able to use DNA in the story Closed For The Season, they could have found some particles from the person who pushed Mrs. Donaldson and the crime could have been solved easier and quicker. In conclusion, DNA is pretty interesting tool that the police use in order to determine the innocence or guilt of people.


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