Amanda M, Kaitlyn W, Alexa C, Megan W, Ian H, and Ryan G

Step Up to the Plate

High school staff and student body… WATCH OUT! As the 2014-2015 school year comes to an end, outgoing 8th graders at EMS are getting ready to step up to the school they often hear about. As high schoolers are talking about moving up a grade and teachers are talking about their new assignments, the halls and classrooms of EMS are abuzz with news, information and expectations for high school. While high school students and teachers alike talk about their schedules, 8th graders do much the same, buzzing with questions and nervous excitement.

“I am really looking forward to dance,” said Raven, an 8th grader, when asked about what she was looking forward to the most. “It’s something different that I’ve never had the option to take.”

“I’m looking forward to art class because it sounds really cool,” said another 8th grader, Geena Kobylarz. She sounded extremely excited about the class.

While some people are excited for the move, others aren’t so sure they are ready to take the step. The same Raven who had said she was excited for dance had also expressed that she was nervous and wary about the move. “I don’t think I’m ready,” she said. “I’m afraid there will be big bullies there and I won’t get to see my friends anymore with having different schedules and all.”

Friends seem to be a huge concern, several students are worried about drifting away from their friend group during freshman year. “Friends are a huge part of high school,” said high school teaching aid, Stuart Marcus. “Students will need the support of a good friend group. Friends can be the reassurance and escape students need after a long day.”

Another concern for some students is the larger student body. “I’m going to miss the smaller number of students,” Geena said. “I like that they aren’t much younger or older than I am and I tend to like smaller groups. At the high school, some of the students will be almost 5 years older and there are a lot of them!” Friends could also help with this, and who knows? Maybe students with this concern will come out of their shell a bit more and make some older friends.

Getting past that, some students going to EMS also take a class or two at the high school. “We’ll be fine,” said choice student, Megan Wood. “As long as you respect the teachers and older students, it’s really great there!”

Most of the choice students are thrilled to be going to the high school. They either take classes in the high school or know someone in the high school, making them great references for students worried about high school or students who have questions. Most of them are familiar with the high school and say there is nothing to worry about and everything to look forward to.

Some high school students and staff have tips for the incoming freshman class. One thing teachers suggest is that students invest in mechanical pencils and be sure to carry more than one around as well as a container of extra lead. They also suggest keeping a spare schedule in a book or on a phone including both A and B days. Another thing they suggest is keeping your books together (A day books together/B day books together) and carry a few folders for spare papers. They made a point of saying that organization is the key to success when coming to the high school.

So, if you’re an 8th grader getting ready to step up, don’t stress about it. Talk to a teacher, high schooler, or choice student and maybe clear up a few of those worries.

-Amanda Marcus

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Clinton Campaigns... Again?

Hillary Clinton’s announced what we all already knew… She’s running for president in 2016. And people are going wild, although it’s not all positive. Many people don’t want another Clinton in office anywhere, especially as president. Her announcement was kept fairly quiet, with news spreading quickly, yet quietly. “Instead of a raucous rally, Clinton opened up with a wonkish -- and at times dull -- seminar on education policy at Kirkwood Community College,” CNN, Stephen Collinson. Since the release, hardly anyone is shocked. The fact that Hillary is running is a controversial topic. Many people are excited that a socialist such as she is running for president. Others... Not so much.

Like it or not, the chances are very high that Hillary will be our next president. She has many followers and supporters, and is very well known. Plus, some of her opponents (both Democrats and Republicans) are very widely disliked or unknown, boosting her chances even more. “She hardly has a problem with name recognition, will likely raise piles of campaign cash and may end up with no serious Democratic opposition in the first-in-the-nation caucus state,” CNN, Stephen Collinson. Her publicists say the quiet announcement was a good thing. It wasn’t headlining, it was on the down low, and it didn’t even make it onto some TV news broadcasts. As news spread, reactions varied. Many people have their minds made up already, while others feel that it is too early to make a final decision about her. “She’s experienced, she’s been around the white house, she’s served as secretary of state… [but] there’s a lot of controversy around how she acted in those positions.” said middle school history teacher Mr. Meola in an interview. All in all, Hillary may be a very successful candidate.

But will she be the one to win? Many supporters and non-supporters alike think she will. As of now, however, I think it is much too early to tell what will happen. As the election process continues, we will have to see. Do YOU think Hillary will win?
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There's Always Help

For everyone who is experiencing something difficult in their lives, depression/suicidal ideation, I know it is hard from personal experience, but there will be a happy ending and help. Sadly, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US for all ages. Every day 105 Americans commit suicide. Although it is common that people who commit, or attempt to commit suicide are depressed, not all people that suffer from depression are suicidal. “I know it feels like it feels like we are drowning with someone three feet away screaming, ‘learn how to swim!’” -Deanna Amolia

According to statistics, 91% of the people who commit suicide have some form of mental illness. Did you know that about every 12.8 minutes in the United States, a person commits suicide?

In some cases, depression is genetic. For an example, my mother, my grandmother and great-grandmother all have or had depression, and as a result I also have depression. However, it is none of our faults. It can be blamed on genetics. In other cases, some people have traumatic, life-changing things happen to them or experience terrible loss during their life and become depressed as a result. Both cases can be, and usually are, extremely serious.

I believe that schools, parents, and/or the victim’s husband/wife should monitor, for lack of a better word, how their loved ones are doing. If they see something wrong (a habit that surfaces, a sudden lack of communication, etc.), they should try to sit down and have a calm talk with them and firmly suggest they get help or talk to someone. There are suicide hotlines, that helped talk me out of a suicide attempt, there are psychiatrists/psychologists for professional help, and even just a close friend who’s always going to care about you. Just incase, the national suicide hotline is 1 (800) 273-8255 . trust me, one call can go far.

I interviewed 11 year old Becky, lives in Dover N.J., about depression and ways to help, and this is how she responded:

Q: What is depression in your eyes?

A: A chemical imbalance in your brain, lacking serotonin. It makes you sad or depressed even when you’re having a good time.

Q: Do you know any symptoms of depression?

A: Anxiety, sadness, getting easily overwhelmed.

Q: Do you know of any ways doctors treat depression and help their patients?

A: They give them antidepressants that help their brains produce more of the “happy” chemical.

Q:What do you think happens as you age with depression? Does it go away?
A: It doesn’t go away, but it usually doesn’t get worse either. It might get better because of the medicine, but it wont go away entirely.

Q: How can/will depression change someone’s life, in your eyes?
A: It usually doesn’t start from birth so as a child, they usually don’t start off with it, but as they get older, doing things that are fun they still feel sad inside inside though they know they should be happy.

Q: How do you think/know people with depression feel?
A: Frustrated, sad, angry, nervous, and sometimes, hopeless.

Q: Could you imagine how it would feel to want to end your own life?
A: Um…it would feel scary and I would be mad at myself for wanting to.

Q: Have you ever been depressed, what thoughts do you think when you feel that sad?
A: I try to think positive when I feel like that and it usually works, but when it doesn’t, I think about why I’m sad, and realize that it will eventually get better.

Q: Do you know anyone suffering from depression/suicidal ideation? If so, how bad is their “illness?”
A: My mother has depression. Her illness isn’t very bad, she just gets overwhelmed easily cries. My sister is also suffering from depression and suicidal ideation. It’s pretty severe, but she’s slowly getting better. My grandmother also suffers from depression. She gets sad and flustered very easily, and it’s pretty bad. My cousin has it too. She, along with my sister, were hospitalized for suicidal ideation and plan, but they were helped.

Q: Do you, yourself, suffer from depression/suicidal ideation?
A: I get sad sometimes, but not depression.

Q: How do you help the person/people you know get through their depression?
A: I comfort them, tell them that everything will get better eventually, and I give lots of affection and hugs.

Q: Have you ever had to talk someone close to you out of suicide?
A: Yes, I had to talk my sister out of suicide and I talked her out of cutting again.

Q: Have you ever had to talk yourself out of suicide?
A: no, not particularly.

Q: Do you believe in the happy endings that people sometimes get when their depression ends?
A: I believe that there are happy endings. There’s a happy ending for everyone.

Q: Do you think children can get depressed?
A: Indeed, because my sister has been depressed since she has been a young child and my mother when she was a teen.

Q: How long do you think depression lasts?
A: A lifetime.
Q: Is there any way you can reach out to others to help them feel better and get through their depression/suicidal ideation?
A: yes, I can support them in everything they do and cheer them on in everything that should make them happy. Also, be with them in their times of need.

Shes only 11 and understands most things about helping the people suffering from depression. She also seems to live in a family where depression/suicidal ideation is common but she manages to stay strong helping them all get through all of their darkness. She is caring about the people who suffer from this, like her older sister. After my interview with her, she stated, “I don’t get why schools aren’t of more help to the students suffering from this. Why don’t they help them? Why do they only care about their academics?” From the mouths of babes.

I interviewed 41 year old Paul, lives in Dover N.J., in a similar way. This is what I got.

Q: What is depression in your eyes?
A: I think depression is when a person has a lot of sadness that doesn’t necessarily have an obvious reason like a death in the family or health issues. It’s a battle against sadness that is unique to the sufferer.

Q: Do you know what some symptoms of depression are?

A: Obviously sadness is the main one. But despair can happen in extreme cases. A person can get in a black mood that prevents them from easily functioning regularly.

Q: Do you know any ways that doctors treat/help their patients?

A: The obvious answer is medication. There are a variety of antidepressants. More importantly, to me, doctors can teach a patient how to cope and manage their depression because ultimately, the patient needs skills to help themselves.

Q: What do you think happens to a person with depression as they age?
A: I think as a person gets older, they generally realize that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. A young child most likely doesn’t know that they are feeling different than everyone else. When you get older, sometimes the depression gets more manageable but sometimes, it gets harder to deal with. A lot of doctors don’t like to prescribe medication to younger kids and some parents also don’t want their children medicated because some children do grow out of it. Some people develop depression when they are older like after the birth of a child or when they develop a major illness like cancer.

Q: Could you imagine what it would be like to want to end your own life?
A: Honestly, no. I think life is too amazing to not want to be a part of it.

Q: Do you know anyone suffering from depression/suicidal ideation? If so tell everyone.
A: My wife, my daughter, my mother-in-law, my wife’s aunt are all diagnosed with depression. My father suffered from depression after he was diagnosed with cancer. As a teacher, I have had many students who have also suffered from depression.

Q: How can/do you help these people get through their “illness?”
A: I do my best to be understanding of what they are going through. I make sure that my wife and daughter are taking their medication regularly and that they see their doctor/therapist regularly. Trying to avoid things that may be triggers is important so I try and help if I can.

Q: Have you ever had to talk someone or yourself out of suicide/cutting?
A: I don’t know if I have been the reason someone did not cut themselves. I talk to my daughter who has cut herself frequently about not doing it and why she shouldn’t and why it’s bad for her to do.

Q: How long do you think depression lasts?
A: It depends. postpartum depression can last only a short time or it can last a longer time depending on the person. In some cases, I think depression can be a life-long illness. It may not require medication forever and it may not require constant doctor visits as some people can learn how to manage it themselves. l think it depends on the person and the depth of their depression. I also think that some people suffer brief periods of depression after major traumas in their life like an illness or a major family crisis. Once the illness or crisis is over, many people get over their depression because the cause of their depression is no longer an issue.

Q: Is there any way you can reach out to others and help them get through their dark times?
A: I think that by being a good parent or friend and being there in the dark times is the best way to help someone with depression. What people with depression need the most is stability, love, friendship, and caring to show them that there is more good in their life than they are able to see when they’re in the dark. I also think it is important to keep negative influences and behaviors minimized so that the positive clearly outshines the negative. Another thing that can help it to introduce new things, like hobbies or sports, to give them another outlet for their energy and to take their mind off what is bothering them.

Paul really knows how to help people suffering from this. I believe that this is a serious and sad subject that there should be more help for. I believe that schools should get involved with evaluating all students in the beginning of the year and if any show signs of depression or possible even suicidal ideation, then they can get them the help they need before it turns into something worse and bigger. Paul, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from depression, but a lot of people he knows do. He seems to care a lot and support them to let them know they aren’t alone. That’s the biggest part of getting help for those affected by depression. I believe that if anyone knows someone with depression, or who is having suicidal thoughts or any other mental illness, they should talk to someone about them to determine what further steps to take in order to help them brave the storm.

I also interviewed 47 year old Barbara, also Lives in Dover N.J., and this was our conversation

Q:What is depression, in your eyes?

A: Its an underlying feeling of sadness even when you’re in the midst of a happy time.

Q:Do you know any symptoms of depression?

A: Trouble sleeping, not motivated to do things, lack of energy, crying and you’re not sure why, feeling restless.

Q:What do you think/know happens as you age with depression?

A: Well I have been aging with it, personally speaking, my own experience is that I have learned some techniques that help me to fight off the feelings of depression. I also think as you age with depression you’re not as worried about it, I think because you have learned skills in dealing with it and your medications have been figured out.

Q:Could you imagine how it would be to want to end your own life?

A: No I can’t imagine it. It’s never come across my mind, I can’t put myself there.

Q:Do you know anyone suffering from depression or suicidal ideation?

A: Yes, My first cousin once removed, My aunt, My mother, my daughter, my father-in-law after he got cancer.

Q:Do you, yourself, suffer from any of these issues? If so, how do you deal with it?

A:Yes, I suffer depression and anxiety. I take a medication and I go to a psychiatrist once every six weeks for talk therapy. Another way I deal with the depression is to be outside as much as possible, and have interactions with my family and friends.

Q:How do you help the people/person you know get through their “mental illness”?

A:By being supportive making sure they are getting professional help, checking on their medication intake, making sure they take them on time.

Q:Have you ever had to talk someone who is close to you out of suicide?

A:No I haven’t.

Q:Have you ever had to talk yourself out of suicide?

A: No

Q:Do you believe that there is going to be a happy ending for all going through this hard time?

A:Yes, for the people I know, yes. Not for every person in the world, sadly but yeah.

Q:Do you think children can get depression? And will there be good help for them?

A:I believe now-a-days, help is much better for them than in the past. Yes I believe children can get depression.

Q:How long do you think depression lasts?

A: Well, I think it lasts a lifetime, but it’s usually always there. But I’m not sure.

Q:Is there any way you can reach out to others to help them feel better?

A: Let them know that I am aware of depression, be supportive of the depression and get them help in the hard time in their lives.

I know most of the people who have depression or suicidal ideation, think there will me know help, but there will always be help. Always. Someone is always there to talk to, someone is always there to help you in your time of need. Another thing that many people feel, is alone. So many people have depression and thoughts of suicide, sadly. The people who have those issues need to see that they aren’t alone. No one’s ever alone, no one’s worthless. Everyone will get help. A lot of people think that only girls feel this way, and boys don’t cut or show this emotion but there are four male suicides for every female suicide, but three times as many females as males attempt suicide. Boys/men don’t usually seek much help because, usually, they don’t want to seem weak or inferior. From personal experience, when I was admitted into C.C.I.S (Childrens Crisis Intervention Services), there were a lot of boys in with a few girls. Most of the were there from suicide attempts who didn’t reach out for help until it was almost too late. I believe that soon enough, people suffering from this will reach out when they start feeling the way they do. Whether it’s suicidal or not, there is always help.

The next person I interviewed was 16 year old Leah, Dover N.J.

Q: What is depression, in your eyes?

A: in my eyes is like a sickness, I guess. feeling bad all the time…

Q: Do you know any symptoms of depression?

A: Sadness, feeling hopeless, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that kind of stuff.

Q: What do you think/know happens as you age with depression?

A: I think you learn how to manage it more, you know how much, like, you can take until you get to the point where you have to talk to someone, you know how to deal with it.

Q: How can/will depression change someone’s life in your eyes?

A: I think it will make them second-guess a lot of things, you’re just gonna question how much you like them, or if you don’t want to do them.

Q: Could you imagine how it would be to want to end your own life?

A: If things got really shitty during my life where I just got to a point where I thought there was no way to get out of the situation, I guess I could feel like that.

Q: Do you know anyone suffering from depression or suicidal ideation? If so who and how bad is their “illness”?

A: I have family members who have struggles and i can’t rate it.

Q: How do you help the people/person you know get through their “mental illness”?

A: I would be there for them and just talk to the, and do things they like to do with them.

Q: Do you ever feel extremely sad, but not all the time? How do you deal with that?

A: I’m pretty sure everyone has those days, where you just think about everything and are like, “well darnit.” Doing something that I like to do, list/think about the things that make me happy, talk to someone that makes me happy, look at pictures.

Q: Have you ever had to talk someone who is close to you out of suicide?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever had to talk yourself out of suicide/self harm?

A: No.

Q: Do you believe that there is going to be a happy ending for all going through this hard time?

A: No. because for some people they aren’t going to be able to deal with it, they will take what they are feeling at the moment...and… you know… do something…

Q: Do you think children can get depression?

A: Yes.

Q: How long do you think depression lasts?

A: There is no set time on it, it just kinda depends on how you feel and if you get to that point of seeing how much good you have in your life.

Q: Is there any way you can reach out to others to help them feel better?

A: Well if i’m physically with them, I would try to make them laugh, try to distract them so they feel better, if I’m not with them I would text them or call them for however long it takes to help the feel better.

She didn’t seem to like taking the interview but she does have a point where she says, “If things got really shitty during my life where I just got to a point where I thought there was no way to get out of the situation, I guess I could feel like that.” When I asked her if she could imagine feeling like she wanted to end her own life. She stated everything straight and to the point and had a lot of good points with that. She does have good coping tools when she is feeling badly that I, from personal experience, have also used. “I’m pretty sure everyone has those days, where you just think about everything and are like, “well darnit.” Doing something that I like to do, list/think about the things that make me happy, talk to someone that makes me happy, look at pictures.” People who feel horribly depressed all the time should try distracting themselves like Leah does.

I believe that if everyone helps the people suffering from this, we could crush depression. Suicide, however, is most likely going to to still be around but, we can help those wanting to end their lives.

The final person I interviewed was 14 year old Eric, succusunna, N.J

Q: What is depression, in your eyes?

A: An endless abyss of sadness

Q: What do you think/know happens as you age with depression?

A: it probably gets worse.

Q: How can/will depression change someone’s life in your eyes?

A: It’ll make it a lot worse.

Q: How do you think/know people with depression feel?

A: Like shit. hopeless, worthless, unable to be loved,

Q: Could you imagine how it would be to want to end your own life?

A: well I know how it feels, and you know how it feels.

Q: Do you know anyone suffering from depression or suicidal ideation? If so who and how bad is their “illness”?

A: Well, I know me, and I was diagnosed with it, and i’m gonna say pretty bad.

Q: Have you ever had to talk someone who is close to you out of suicide?

A:Megan, Amber (From C.C.I.S.) , Geena, Jenny,

Q: Have you ever had to talk yourself out of suicide/self harm?

A: I had to, but I didn’t succeed.

Q:Do you believe that there is going to be a happy ending for all going through this hard time?

A:I dunno.

Q:Do you think children/teens can get depression?

A:Of course children and teens can get depression. I’ve knows a bunch of teens who have it.

Q:How long do you think depression lasts?

Q:It could last a few years to your entire life.

A:Is there any way you can reach out to others to help them feel better? If so elaborate

Q:Yeah. Do whatever it takes to cheer them up and distract them from what they are feeling.

Everyone I interviewed said a lot of similar things. There will be help. However, some choose not to take that help. Please, do yourself the favor of calling the hotline, talking to someone you trust, going to therapy, whatever it takes to get you to feel better. I know that everyone suffering can choose to get the help they need. Let me tell you, it’s always worth it.

Autism Isn't So Bad... But Your Staring Is

Autism is a condition that affects people across the world. According to, Autism affects 1 in 68 American children. This means for approximately every three classrooms in America, one child suffers from Autism. Lauren Thierry’s mission was to help those with Autism better adapt to the world we live in. It is through acts such as these, that people with Autism are able to live a better life.

Something as simple as a stained shirt can ruin the day of someone who is autistic. In the article “News Anchor Ditches CNN to Create Life-Changing Clothes for Autistic Kids,” Sage Lazzaro talks about a boy named Liam, who has autism. Lazzaro expands on a new clothing line, created by Lauren Thierry, designed especially for those with autism. The clothing that Thierry designed was intended to help children with autism feel more comfortable with themselves and the world that we live in. In the clothing line, each article of the clothing is a satisfactory shirt or pair of pants no matter which way it’s put on. This helps the child with not having to worry about putting the article of clothing on the wrong way. This clothing line cut dressing time by nearly 90%. the clothing are completely free of seams, buttons, zippers, collars and tags. Many people with ASD have sensory issues, which causes things like seams and tags to upset them. It is also said that seams and tags drive them crazy. The clothing line will make it easier for the child with autism to put on their clothes right and to help contain their emotions of putting on the clothing wrong.

Liam is a 17-year-old boy that has autism. He has low functioning ASD. According to, “low functioning autism is a form of autism at the most severe end of the spectrum. Individuals who have it often have extensive impairments. Many have little or no language skills and many have some level of mental retardation.” Liam is the son of Lauren Thierry, the women who created the clothing line. When her search for a solution to the many clothing problems that were associated with Liam’s disorder came up being empty, she created her own clothing.

It is harder for people with this disability to be comfortable with themselves and with the people around them. According to my interview with Mr. Mac, an English teacher at Eisenhower Middle School, “I think generally speaking, they rather just be treated normally. I think they’d rather not make a spectacle of their condition.” Having worked with students in his class that have had autism, Mr. Mac tries to help try to keep them most comfortable and tries not to make a big scene about the child having autism. It is very frustrating for a child with this condition in school to focus and it is also a lot more challenging for them to make friends because a lot of times, students knowing that other students having conditions like this make them look at them differently then the way they would look at other people in their school. Also, according to an interview i had with Michal Ners, an 8th grade student at Eisenhower Middle School, “You want to act more forgiving to them. you want to act more of their mind set because they don't act the same as normal people.” Michal, having a cousin that has autism, would act differently towards them while, Mr. Mac would try to treat them pretty much the way he treats all of his other students but he would also make sure to give them a little bit of extra attention because of their condition.

Awareness of Autism’s causes and effects are important to accommodating those who deal with this condition, as well as helping those who care for them. By understanding how to help, we can reduce the negative impact of autism in our communities.

Ethiopian Christian Slaughtered by ISIS

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been a serious threat for over 16 years. They are a Muslim extremist group founded in 1999 under the name Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad and pledged allegiance to the terrorist group Al-Queda. Over the years they have been responsible for many deadly attacks. They were a part of the Iraqi insurgency following the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and 3 years later in January of 2006, they joined up with other Sunni insurgent groups and founded the Islamic State of Iraq which later became the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL. Recently they have carried out yet another mass execution on a beach in Libya.

A twenty nine minute long video was filmed of ISIS soldiers decapitating and shooting several Ethiopians that were held captive because of their faith. The video starts with a masked man armed with a pistol delivering a rather lengthy speech stating that Christians must convert to Islam or pay a special tax described by the Qu’ran. The release of said video came only a day after the president of Afghanistan led allegations against the terrorist group for a suicide bombing that occurred killing nearly 35 people. Some people may believe that the execution in Libya could be their response to the allegations by the Afghanistan government.

Currently, Ethiopia is unsure of how to respond to the attack, as they are a rather long distance away from Libya. However, while Ethiopia is unable retaliate, an ambassador from Egypt has proposed that they might be able to partner up Addis Ababa to strike back at the terrorists for them.

At the moment, no one knows how many lives were lost in this act of heartless brutality. The radical Islamic State group now controls approximately one third of Syria and Iraq. ISIS will most likely continue these attacks in order to remain relevant and provoke fear. We will have to work just as hard, if not harder, in order to resolve the conflict with this terrible organization once and for all.
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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Preview

Joss Whedon does it again bringing another Avengers movie to theaters, May 1st 2015. Avenger fans are excited and anxious to see what the second film will bring. Some Avenger fans think that they will see Agent Coulson a.k.a Director Coulson who was killed by Loki in the first Avengers movie which came out in 2012. We will just have to see. One other thing that one of the producers said in an interview online was that the fans are looking forward to mostly is the Hulkbuster suit that Iron man/Tony Stark made to take down the Hulk.This movie is worldwide so all fans of Marvel can see it.

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program things go sideways and The Avengers, Captain America (Chris Evans) Iron man (Robert Downey Jr.) Thor (Chris Hemsworth) The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and the people that join them are Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) Vision (Paul Bettany) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) team up to stop the terrible Ultron.

I interviewed Vinny, a student at Eisenhower Middle School.

I asked him “What Avenger that was in the first movie are you looking forward to see in the second movie?”

Vinny replied, “The Avenger that I am looking forward the most to see in the second movie is The Incredible Hulk”

The next question was “What prop are you mostly looking forward to in the second movie?”

Vinny replied,” The prop that I am looking forward to mostly in the second movie is the Hulkbuster suit that Tony Stark builds to battle The Incredible Hulk.

The last question for today is “What is your favorite prop in all of Marvel history?”

Vinny replied, The prop that I am looking forward to the most in all of Marvel history is the Ironman suit.

I also interviewed Justin who lives in Succasunna N.J.

I asked him, “What Avenger that was in the first movie are you looking forward to see in the second movie?”

Justin replied, “The superhero that I want to see the most is Hawkeye.”

The next question was, “ What do you want to see the most about Hawkeye?”

Justin replied, “What I want to see the most about Hawkeye is his new techniques”.

The last question for today is “What is your favorite prop in all of Marvel history?”

Justin replied, My favorite prop is Hawkeye’s bow and arrow.”

This is a quote from the villain of the movie: Worthy? How could you be worthy? You're all killers. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. There's only one path to peace... your extinction.