The Four Foot Snuggler

By: Mara Kallay


"Whistle," "crip," "squeak." That's the sound my three guinea pigs make as I walk into my computer room. Then as I walk towards them they will jump -or popcorn- in excitement. My guinea pigs are adorable, and they each have their own unique personality. They have learned my voice and love to hear me talk! And when I look down into their little eyes, they melt my heart. Guinea pigs are my best friends, and can be yours too. Guinea pigs are great pets for kids!

Best Friend

Looking for a friend? Why not a guinea pig. They are pets that enjoy conversation, and will even learn their owners voice. They will get excited just to hear you talk! Guinea pigs love humans, and even enjoy cuddles. ( Angela Beck, 2014) Why not cuddle your guinea pig as you watch tv, or talk to them when your feeling alone. Guinea pigs can make a true friend, as well as a great pet for any kid!

Interesting to Watch

Board? Why not watch your guinea pig play! Guinea pigs are very active animals that will never leave you board. You could sit and watch your guinea pig play running from one side of the cage to the other. They will also hop around the cage whistling and squeaking to either you, themself, or their partner guinea pig. Guinea pigs are up for exploring around the cage- they are very smart- looking for a treat! They are super fun pets that any owner will love!

Easy Needs

Guinea pig needs are simple: they need to be fed daily with clean water, and their cage needs cleaned weekly. ( which is easy enough for a child to clean) Another need is when you are buying a guinea pig you need to get two so that they don't get lonely. (Immanuel Birmelin, 2008) The last thing that guinea pigs need is attention. Guinea pigs love all the attention that they can get! Attention can be given easily just by talking to your little pet. Guinea pig needs are not hard to attend!

Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

Some people believe that guinea pigs are not great pets for kids. A reason for this is that think that they bite. I have had three guinea pigs for a few years now and I have never gotten bit. The only reason that a guinea pig would bite someone is if they put their finger in front of their mouth. This is because they think your feeding them a carrot. Guinea pigs are not mean. They are sweet little pets that any animal lover would enjoy!


Guinea pigs can be a great little pet for any child. They are easy to care for, fun to watch, and will become a true friend. They're amazing pets for kids! So when your looking for the right pet, a guinea pigs the one to get!


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