Maddi's Science 6 Gazette

This is my Smore to show my learning in Science.

An introduction to Maddi Wu

I'm a very shy and sensitive kid. But, deep down inside me, I have a monster ready to barge out. I'm usually quiet and hated to be called on to answer a question. I also have anger issues, I'm always gloomy, I can cry easily, I can also get mad easily! My family has an artistic run in the family, so I am have that taste of art in my blood. I love to play music. I play the piano and the ukulele. I am the oldest out of my cousins, the first grandchild. It is very hard being the oldest. You get a "lovely" chance to go through tug-of-war!! I am a video gamer. My family all have a love for video games. I love video games. My uncle actually helped design Call of Duty. I love Naruto, a Japanese anime and some PG-13 movies. I am an expert with cooking, but I don't cook. I like to take naps... to let time pass the troublesome day. If you wake me up, I can be a real grouch! That's all there is to know about me... I have a very secret life.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

In Science, we learned a lot of stuff. We first learned to Compare and Constrast items. Our second unit, we Triple Beam balance. The Triple beam balance was used to measure a weight for items that you can't weigh on a regular scale. The next unit in Science was my favorite. The Microscope unit. A microscope is used to see small organisms can't see with a naked eye. The unit after the micorscope unit was mapping. We had to learn latitude and longitude. After we had to learn how to use a scale for mapping. We are learning a new unit soon, but my class doesn't know what the next unit is.

My Favorite Lab

My favorite lab was the Microscope lab. It was my favorite lab because I got to examine small objects like a honeybee wing, a bug abdomen, and so on. You can't see these objects with a naked eye. In class, we did something called a letter E lab. We had to examine a word and a E slide. My team got the honeybee wing. After doing the Letter E lab, we had to find the mystery sand and comparing the sand to Mr.Shafer's sand. The Mircoscope unit was a really fun unit, until it ended and we had to do mapping.