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February 11, 2021

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Hello Ohlone Families!

I hope you are well and staying healthy.

Ohlone is buzzing with literary excitement! We have had some amazing author reads that elementary students across the district were able to join. Our very own Ohlone parent, Joanna Ho read her beautiful book Eyes That Kiss in the Corners to students this week. Grace read Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut during Library by Derrick Barnes along with excerpts from New Kid by Jerry Craft. For Book of the Month, John and I are reading another Derrick Barnes book, I Am Every Good Thing. This powerful book encourages children to celebrate everything that makes them the person they are. Our teachers are engaging students with read-alouds, thoughtful discussions and activities during Black History month. I am loving this quote:

Now I realize that there are those all over who are telling us that we must slow up. … But we cannot afford to slow up. We have a moral obligation to press on. We have our self-respect to maintain. But even more we can't afford to slow up because of our love for America and our love for the democratic way of life. … We must keep moving. We must keep going.

—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

From "The Montgomery Story," an address to the 47th annual NAACP Convention, San Francisco, June 27, 1956

Tomorrow is the beginning of Lunar New Year! Our PTA has put together an amazing video for students to watch in their morning meeting on Friday, February 12. Please feel free to join. It is impressive! Thank you to Leilani who spent countless hours developing this highly informative video with wonderful photos and memories of past Ohlone beloved lunar new year celebrations.

I look forward to seeing you soon either online or in-person!


Ohlone Principal

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Important Dates Ahead

2/11 - Prospective Parent Information Night - 6:30-7:30pm

2/12 - Online Lunar New Year Celebration (TBD)

2/14 - Valentines Day

2/15 - Presidents' Day Holiday - No school

2/22 - Farm Council Meeting - 12:30-2:00pm

2/22 - Site Council Meeting - 2:30-4:00pm

2/23 - PTA Executive Board Meeting - 3:15-4:45pm

2/24 - Ohlone Student Council Meeting - 3:00-3:45pm

2/24 - Ohlone Times Newspaper Meeting - 3:45-4:15pm

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Natasha Yim Book Reading Tonight! February 11, 5:00pm

Listen to author Natasha Yim and illustrator Violet Kim read their book, Luna's Yum Yum Dim Sum! I'm hungry already. Oh how I miss Hong Kong Flower Lounge...

Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 5:00pm via Zoom - Register here for Zoom link.

On Luna's birthday, the whole family goes out for dim sum, but Luna and her brothers can't agree on how to share their pork buns fairly. How can three people divide up five buns? Should some siblings get more than others? Or should they cut the buns into smaller and smaller pieces so everyone gets the same amount?

Book of the Month

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Derrick Barnes | I Am Every Good Thing

How to Raise and Teach Anti-Racist Kids

How to Raise and Teach Anti-Racist Kids

Incoming Siblings - Due February 12

It’s this time of year when we need our current parents to let us know about any younger kids they have at home, who would start at Ohlone this coming fall.

Please let us know by noon on Friday, February through this link. We cannot guarantee a space for your concurrent Ohlone sibling if we do not hear from you this week.

For more detailed information, please refer to the email sent January 7, with the subject line: "Ohlone: Incoming Kindergarten siblings for 2021-22" Questions? Contact: henders@pausd.org

Parents of Current 5th Graders:

If you are interested in applying to a PAUSD Middle School Choice Program for the fall, the deadline for applications is 4:00 p.m. February 24, 2021. For more information and an application, please visit the PAUSD Choice Programs web page and look for the section titled “Middle School Choice Programs”.
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STEM Fair 2021! February 27

STEM Fair 2021! February 27 1-4pm
Want to know what Ohlone's Online STEM Fair is all about? Watch the STEM Fair promotional video to learn more about this amazing event. (Thanks to all the students that recorded voice overs to make this wonderful video.)

If you want to participate in Ohlone's 2021 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Fair, there's an important deadline happening this coming Saturday 2/13....you need to sign up to let our PTA team know you want to participate.

To participate in the STEM Fair, you can sign up to do a independent project or just to do the free and fun hands-on STEM activities (or you can do both), but either way please sign up by this Saturday.

Click HERE for all of the information you will need. I cannot wait!

Important Dates Ahead:
2/13 - Registration & Project Proposal Deadline

Volunteers Needed - This is going to be a big, amazing, online event and will take a lot of Ohlone community volunteer support. - To sign up to volunteer Click Here

OHLONE Elementary STEM Fair 2021 Promo Video Number 1

Girls and Startups - Another Great Author Book Read on February 16

Eat Bugs: Project Startup! (Ages 7+)

Heather Alexander, Laura D'Asaro & Rose Wang

Event date: Tuesday, February 16, 5:00pm via Zoom Register here!

Inspired by the true story of two friends who landed a deal on Shark Tank. Sixth-grade students-turned-entrepreneurs are on a mission to save the world, one bug at a time!

Inclusive Playground Design by K/1 Aaron Chan!

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Campus Reminders

As a reminder, our Ohlone campus is closed to parents and caregivers during school hours. If you need to drop off or pick up something, please call the office from the flagpole. One of our charming office staff will meet you there. 650-856-1726. Thank you!

Friendly Traffic Reminders

For the safety of our students, please remember to follow the important traffic rules when dropping off or picking up your children:

  • U-Turns: Do not make them. It poses a significant safety risk, especially if the crosswalk is involved.

  • Left Turns: Do not make them as you enter or exit the drop-off zone. Only right turns are allowed.

  • Please stay in your car at all times. Students may only exit from the passenger side.

  • Stay off your cell phone while in the drop-off zone. We need your full attention!

Special Education Informational Evening

PAUSD Special Education Department in partnership with Palo Alto CAC will be hosting an informational event for elementary school families on February 16th from 6:30 -7:30 PM. Please see the informational flier below for more information.
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District Reopening Updates from 2/5/21 Supt. Update

Elementary Full-Return Pilot
PAUSD has identified 15 elementary school cohorts across the District that contain 17 or less students. A small number of classes will be asked to serve as pilot returns for in-person instruction five days per week beginning as early as February 16. The classes have already been identified and are not open for transfers. This is an important step in the direction of a full return in the fall. Information will be shared with selected classes.

Fall Planning
The default academic program for 2021-22 is in-person instruction five days per week. Adjustments will be made if conditions or regulations mandate alternative models.

Surveys for families, secondary students, and staff members will be distributed within two weeks to measure key elements of reopening plans and to frame focus group discussions. Focus groups may be formed after survey results are analyzed.

Parent Resources

2020-21 PAUSD Wednesday Cohort Schedule

Cohort A is Pink; Cohort B is Blue

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