Human Cloning

By: Tyler Noble, Fredric DiBlasio

What's is Human Cloning

Human Cloning is the creation of genetically identical human, human cell or human tissue.

Stem Cells

They play a big role within Human Cloning

Stem cells are used in human cloning by letting the cells take the place of other needed cells.

[Stem cells are cells that haven't been given their "role/job" yet, and they can take the role of any type of cell]

Benefits of Human Cloning

  • It can rebuild lost tissue and possibly make new limbs for people

  • It has the capability to cure diseases

  • It has the capability to bring back extinct species

Cons of Human Cloning

  • It is “immoral”

  • It is dangerous and unpredictable

Why Help Human Cloning?

Human Cloning can give us many great capabilities to help others and the world. We can remake extinct species, make new limbs and tissue for others. And on top of all of that, we can learn more about diseases we currently can't learn about and possibly find cures to many diseases.
But we won't know any of that for sure, unless you are willing to support the cause of Human Cloning and help make these possibilities a reality.
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Support Us!

Help make Human Cloning not be banned! This gives us many capabilities to help others and we need to be supported to make change in the world!