Old Green Eyes

A Civil War Legend

The Story...

The "Old Green Eyes" legend originated in Tennessee near the Chickamauga Battlefield. During the civil war, many people lost their lives or wandered away somewhere else broken and changed.

"Old Green Eyes," was a Confederate soldier whose head was the only part of his body found after the dust settled. The legend says that if you walk the fields of the Chickamauga Battlefield at night, you can see a pair of glowing green eyes or a beast like creature with fangs and stringy waist long hair following you around.

The Civil War Battlefield

Old Green Eyes is the most famous Civil War battlefield ghost, but he certainty isn't the only one. Due to the immense destruction, death, and sorrow, it is no surprise that the dead are still restless. Chickamauga Battlefield, in Northwestern Georgia, hosted the second most bloodiest battle in the Civil War, behind Gettysburg. The Battle of Chickamauga was a much needed boost for the Confederate Soldiers, but the victory was short-lived when General Sherman took hold of Atlanta.

More About Old Green Eyes...

This Video gives more information and eye-witness stories about Old Green Eyes.

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