More fun with baby Girl

Keiarra Jordan

7 great days

At first it took me some time to get used to it. Around a day after that I was used to it. I did feel like it wasn't 100% accurate because if I was a teen mom I wouldn't be walking around school with my child nor would I be in class holding her either. I am also glad that we did this project because I took it as if I had a real baby. So I changed her everyday I made sure she had the right clothing for the weather and she literally went everywhere I went. It helped me realize that once I do have a child there will be lots of responsibility and that I would definitely put my child before me no matter what.

Pro's & Con's

I really enjoyed this project. It teaches me a lot of responsibility. I didn't like that it wasn't 100% realistic. Like it didn't cry, we don't feed it etc. but for the most part I got th just of how it would be if I was a teen mother.

Some activities


I got lots of mixed reactions. My mother wasn't to fond of the project she told me she didn't want to make it seem it was okay for me to be a teen mother. So once I was home and it was just me and her or even if we were out she would treat me as if I had a real child and I had to hold the baby while I was shopping when I went to the restroom at the grocery store etc. The rest of my family just took it as a big fun project. Cameron loved it but towards the end of the week he was starting to get over it. His mother loved the project she thought it was cute. My friends took it well I didn't get any funny looks at school. Once it was over my friend said " omg Keke it's weird not seeing you without your baby!" I did have to go downtown on Saturday because my brother had an audition for something and walking around I got PLENTY of weird looks that day. Other then that it was pretty positive.

The hard times

I think the hardest thing for me was that I was that I did treat it like a real baby so I had to wake up a little earlier just so I could change her clothes and put new ones on. Also taking her to the grocery store for something quick having to get a whole basket because I wasn't able to hold those few things and her. Also when I had to use the bathroom I had to take her with me and figure out where to put her in the public bathrooms.