IMTC KG-A Newsletter

Ms. Serena Thomas and Mrs. Aksa Alex

Week of Jan 31st and Feb 7th

In this newsletter

- Lent Season

- Class Room Updates

- Related Videos

- Family Activity Guide

- Gratitude Journal

P:S - Looks like no one in class has a February Birthday :-)

Lent Season

Some information about talking to kids about lent..we hope to touch more about in class in coming weeks.

Class Room Updates

Bible story lessons covered last two weeks

- Job's Trust in God

-Daniel's faith

Few related questions.

What kind of man was Job?

Job was a rich man who loved God and who worshiped God everyday.

Who asked God to take away everything that Job had?
The devil told God that if he took away everything that Job had then Job would no longer worship God.

Who did Job pray for?
Job prayed for his friends. Then God gave him twice as much as before.

Who restored Job's fortune?

God restored Job's fortunes.

Does the story of Job have a sad or happy ending?

The story of Job has a happy ending.

What was the King's decree?

The king's decree was that no one in his kingdom could worship any other God for 30 days. They all have to worship the King.

Did Daniel obey the King's decree? What did he do?

Daniel did not obey the King's decree. He could not stop praying, even after the king ordered the people not to pray.

Who was put in the lion's den?

Daniel was put in the lion's den.

What happened to Daniel after he was put in the lion's den?

God sent his angels to shut the lion's mouth and Daniel was not hurt. The next morning when the king came to check on Daniel, the king was rejoiced to see Daniel alive. Then the king ordered that everyone in the kingdom should worship Daniel's God.

Memory verses

Psalm 56:3

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you"

Daniel 6:22

"My God sent his angel and shut the lions mouth so that they would not hurt me..."

Video of Job's Story

031 - Job's Troubles

Video of Daniel Story in Lion's Den

Daniel and The Lions' Den - Friends and Heroes - English Animated Bible Story

Family Activity Guide

This month's activity guide revolves around Cooperation – Working together to do more than you can do alone

Thank You Book or Gratitude Book

The idea is to encourage children to draw and write at least one thing they are thankful for during the week and share it every week with the class. Please encourage and remind them to bring it to class every week. They can decorate the outside of the book anyway they like with stickers or tape etc.

This concept is taken from the Hawn foundation started by Goldie Hawn. This is basically to remind children as they grow older about all the blessings they have in their life. America as a country is seeing children who start to get very stressed out and depressed as they grow older and these little things like the gratitude book remind them of the blessings they have in their life. So please encourage them to participate actively.